Friday Workout: Max Backsquat + Death by 10 Meters


Work Up to a 1 Rep Max Backsquat


Setup cones 10 meters apart. You have to touch the ground at 10 meters with your hand.

  • On the minute do 10 meters of running.
  • On the second minute do 2×10 meters of running.
  • Go until you cannot complete the shuttle.

Score is total number of rounds completed.

21 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Max Backsquat + Death by 10 Meters

  1. A note about strategy here… you can either a) sprint every interval, or b) pace it such that you only really sprint the last few rounds you complete.

  2. BS @ 157. PR- didnt feel like this was actually a max but didn’t want to push it with the injury. Happy for the PR regardless.

    WOD: 14 rds. Except I counted wrong. So I should have started on 15 but didnt realize it.

  3. BS: not quite low enough but got to 169#
    WOD: 16 rounds

  4. bs: 265 pr (+20)
    wod: 17

  5. BS – 275, 290(F)

    trolled the WOD. walked until 14th rnd. quit during 18th round, probably a bad decision that seemed good at the time.

  6. BS: 165# (PR +5)
    WOD: 17 rds

  7. BS:205# Fail 225 knee pain…got scared
    WOD: 16 rnds +14

  8. BS: 155# (PR)

  9. Did not succeed in finding my one rep… did 155, 177, 194(f), 194(f).
    Was very close on the failed reps, so maybe I’m somewhere ~190ish now? About 10# shy of my PR.

    WOD: 17 rounds

  10. Saturday Lifting
    Pull up negatives – 3x(1,1,1)
    Sots Press: 5×3 (20, 25, 30, 35, 40) – OUCH
    Full clean + FS + PP + split jerk x10 (55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100)

  11. box sitting backsquats, worked on form
    WOD: 17

  12. bs: 330# – kinda smoked in the legs right now, so a PR wasn’t gonna happen.

  13. Ran 800m then started at 16…19 total

  14. Coach Kev got a little confused with the details – I ran two lengths each time instead of one, i.e., I ran up and back in the first minute, up and back twice on the second minute, etc. I ran out of time on my tenth round through (the equivalent would be 18 back and forths completed successfully).

    1. Coach Kev just likes watching his athletes run! Light weight baybee!

  15. 300#
    17 rounds

  16. 35# bar to work on proper form (5,5,5,5,5,3,3,3,3,3)
    14 rounds

    1. BS: 285 (5X4)

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