33 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Cindy

  1. 14+ 3 push up
    BB pu

    I felt like I spent the first ten minutes getting warm and the last 10 actually doing work.
    Next time I think it would be helpful to have some cardio in the warm up rather than just stretching.

  2. 21 +10 push-ups; at 238#, that is a 238 watt average over 20 minutes according to this power calculator – http://www.catalystathletics.com/resources/powerOutput.php

      1. Does that equal 1.21 gigawatts total?

    1. Cool site to compute work output. I compared it to a few of my results on Beyond the Whiteboard that also computes ft-lb/sec. While they are close, they aren’t consistent on whether they are higher or lower. WTWB uses more exact body proportions – length of arms, legs, wingspan, etc, so I tend to think that it would be more accurate. But either way man, well done!

  3. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads….

  4. 18 rds + 5 RR (sub RR for pu’s, pushups on knees for all but 2 rounds…)

  5. 17 + 7 Rx (first time Rx!)
    January 2011: 13/14 rounds with RRs and Knee PUs… solid improvement 🙂

    1. How’ those pushups treatin’ ya?!

      1. cursing you the whole time! 🙂

  6. 19 + 1 Rx

    1. nice job kim!!!! i knew i would get ousted 🙂

  7. On the Iron Gym in a hotel bathroom door. One of those huge ass ones that are big enough for two of me, or one average Americanus Gigantorus Assus, to fit through. Too wide for the IG to be stable for pullups, so did Toes to Bar instead.

    34 rounds + 5 T2B + 5 pushups

    Don’t know if this was harder or easier, but still a good burn! Coming home tomorrow, but too later for the 11, so have fun without me! I know you’ll manage.

  8. 16 rounds – ring rows and mostly knee push ups

  9. 10rds + 5 Rx -geez, feels like I’m doing something wrong compared to some of you.

    post-WOD: 2 trays at Cookout

  10. 11 + 12 (RRs, strict push-ups [chest/hips to deck + full extension] till the end)

  11. Saturday makeup:
    20 rds + 21 rx … sooo close to 21 rds but no cigar.

    Didn’t do this one in Jan ’11 (why?? this is my favorite) but up almost 3 rds from last time, in Oct 2010.

  12. LIfting on Saturday
    Max OHS: 99# (PR)
    Max Clean: 115# (PR)

    Overall, a solid day at the gym.

  13. Cindy – 19 plus PU’s and 3 Pushups RX

  14. Stuck around for OLY- w/ shaky shoulders
    worked to 65#-
    Cleans: got one @ 87 but ugly, went back to 77#
    I blame “Cindy”

  15. Oly Class
    Cleans: 111# (PR)
    OHS: 77# (PR)

  16. 12 rds + 4 pushups (ring rows, knee pushups)

  17. 15 rds + 16 reps (ring rows)

    Oly lifting:
    OHS: 104# (PR)
    Cleans: 121#, kept failing at 131# ugh

  18. 12 + 1 (RR, 4 rnds knee PU til kyle yelled at me and made me do regs for the rest… blerg.)

  19. half-cindy (10 minutes)
    8 + 24

  20. 16 + pu’s and?? Rx

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