Thursday Workout: Matt King Memorial WOD

Noon class is cancelled.

Matt King’s shoes hang above us in the gym to remind us that life is too short to not be passionate, to not love, to not try new things and to not greet everyday with as much passion as the next.

Matt tragically died two years ago today while riding his bike on Main Street.  We miss you Matt and we do this workout to celebrate your life.

Please feel free to come into the gym to workout with us, no matter who you are. 6 AM, 9:30 AM, and all evening classes.

Hero Workout “Matt King”

  • Run 400 Meters
  • Row 1000 Meters
  • 19 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
  • 19 Sandbag Walking Lunges
  • 19 Sandbag Front Squats
  • 19 Sandbag Back Squats
  • 19 Burpees
  • Row 1000 Meters
  • Run 400 Meters

35 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Matt King Memorial WOD

  1. I love these pictures. Thanks for posting.

  2. 23.11 with banded pull ups
    (did not do back squats. They were not on the board…..)

  3. Good workout! 22:46 with blue bands and 32# sandbag.

  4. PS: as a tall guy, there is basically only one jump rope that fits me, and someone(s) keeps tying 8 or 10 tight knots in it to shorten it down, then hanging it back up that way. It would be nice if you’d take the knots out afterwards… it takes me a while to do it, and then the rope is full of kinks and hard to use.

    1. i recommend buying your own rope, and do not leave it at the gym

      1. Agreed. A few of us have jump ropes from this company and they’re awesome. They’re a little pricier than what you can find in stores, but each is custom-made to a length that suits your height. I HIGHLY recommend them.

      2. I’ve got an extra one, still in the wrapper and it’s got your name on it. It’s in my bag, so the next time I see you, it’s yours. I’m going to try to make the 0630 class tomorrow. I can leave it in the office for you.

      3. Sure, I have my own… but in a way, asking people to untie the extremely tight knots before hanging the rope back up is a little like asking them to wipe the toilet seat if they pee on it. Not unreasonable to ask, is it?

      4. hmm have you seen the gym toilet?

  5. What a privilege to do a workout in honor of such a fine young man as Matt.
    The longest WOD I’ve ever done.
    24:00 (Green Band PUs/ 22# Sandbag)

  6. 22:38, but no back squats– we didn’t see them on the board at 6am.
    blue band PUs/32# sandbag
    Still plenty hard… Wish I’d met Matt!

  7. WOD: Road bike about 12 miles then,
    Ran 1.9 miles
    19 pushups
    19 pull ups
    19 snatch @ 45#
    1 hr. 15

  8. WOD: 23:45 (ran 1400m for run/row, blueband chin ups, 28#, box jumps for burpees at 24″)

  9. 18:47 52#

  10. 17:34 @ 52#. RIP Matt. You are missed.

  11. 20:52 (RBPU, 32#, ran 1st 1000m)

  12. 17:36 @ 65#. Rest in Peace Matt. I think about you everyday.

  13. 7pm lifting: Bench Press max rep @ BW/155# – 14, 10, 9

    100 cals on Airdyne – 7:34
    includes getting off 4 times to fix the seat

  14. 20:19 (bbpu, 32#)

  15. Happily ran an extra 800 instead of the rows, did ring rows for pull ups, 20# medicine ball – 17:01 … (Kev & Kyle, I know, I know – more weight) And need to aim more for the ability to do consecutive pull ups.

  16. 21:46 (BBPU, 22# SB (all that was left))

  17. 20:00 (GBPU, 24#)

  18. 17:27 @ 52

  19. 22:40 (run 1 mile instead of the row and run, first mile 8 min, second mile 9 min) #28

  20. 17:07 @ 52#.. I think, it wasn’t labeled. And had a 30 sec rest sesh waiting for the rower on round 2.

  21. 16:40 @ 65#…pr by 25s +13lb on the sandbag

  22. 20:50 @52#
    8 sec faster, 10# heavier than last time

  23. Saturday make-up: 31:05 (walked the 400s, ring rows, 24# bag, burpees minus the pushup (squat-thrusts?))

    RIP Matt.

  24. 19:42 @ 42#

  25. Saturday Make Up WOD

    19:35 (subbed run 800 for row, 32 # sandbag, pbpu)

  26. (make that 1000m run for row)

  27. 28:23 (green band pull ups, 24# sandbag)

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