Friday Workout: Hero WOD Ryan



5 rounds for time:

  • Muscle-up x 7
  • Burpee to 1′ target x 21


  • Use bands or practice transitions for the muscle-ups; no pull-ups and dips.

Ryan Hummert, 22, was a firefighter from Maplewood, MO. He was killed by sniper fire July 21, 2008 when he stepped off his fire truck responding to a call. He is survived by his parents Andrew and Jackie Hummert.

12 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Hero WOD Ryan

  1. No time in the AM to make it into the gym, so: 5k run @ 26:30.

  2. 15:34 full mus but questionable burpie height

  3. 12:05 with jumping MUs and definitely not 1 foot burpee height. Six inches, sure, but one foot, wasn’t happenin’.

  4. 15:37, MU transitions, non-pushup burpees with reg. jump height

  5. 24:53 with 5MU instead of 7

  6. 14:38 (Somehow managed to pull my quad practicing a jumping MU before the WOD, so I did something between MU transitions and one-legged jumping MUs. Also, no jumps at the top of the burpees. Womp womp.)

  7. Saturday Lifting
    FS: worked up to 133# but I know I can do way more
    5×3 redband chin-ups with 5 GHD sit ups in between each set
    DL: up to 209, three fails at 211#. Booo.


    Will: 1) 5.58 sub 135#hang cleans
    2) 4:20 rx
    3) 50 sec sprint – 30 cals

  9. round 1: 1 jumping MU, 6 mu transitions, round 2+3: MU transitions round 4+5: 21 PU, 21 purple band dips, burpees to ~6″ 18:43…

    long one

  10. Sorry I missed the workout. I was too busy being on ESPN2.

  11. 13:46 (6 mu then strict pu)

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