Monday Workout: Snatch Complex, Pistols, and Planche / Push-up


Power Snatch + Overhead Squat + Snatch; EMOTM x 5

Pistol @ 30X2; 4-4-4-4 per leg; rest 1 min btwn sets


AMRAP in 7 min:


  • Receive the bar in an overhead squat for the (full) snatch.
  • Scale the L-sit to Planche by keeping your legs tucked. Be slow and controlled.
  • Use rings, the floor, or touch your knees to the ground on the archer push-ups.

17 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Snatch Complex, Pistols, and Planche / Push-up

  1. Once again missed the AM class, so, at NGRC:

    Hang power clean+front squat+ hang clean EMOTMx5; 85,85,85,90,90
    Pistol: BW; 5lb; 10lb; 15lb
    Followed by 7 min AMRAP of my weaknesses: 20 situp, 10 burpee. 4 rds on the dot.

  2. Snatch Complex: A minor left shoulder issue kept me at a 35#bar only!
    Pistols: Needed pole for balance and assist. Tried and succeeded with an 18″ box so next time I’ll start from there.
    WOD: 6 rounds + L sits (Strong L sits, pretty good Archer PUs no Planches)

  3. Whoever invented snatches is evil. Worked up to 89# with some fails. Rx the pistols, and got 7 rounds in the AMRAP. Scaled: moving from tucked-knees to tucked-knees-facing-down-a-bit, knee pushups.

  4. Snatch: 60 kg
    Pistols: 26#, 35#, 26#, 35#
    WOD: 7 rounds (V-sit to tuck planche)

  5. Snatch: 89×2, 99×2, 104
    Pistols: Holding bar as little as possible
    WOD: 5.5 rds (Lsit to tuck planche)

  6. 115, 139f, 115, 115, 139f; fails were on the full snatch, but almost
    pistols rx (no weight) first time
    wod 6 or so

    1. bp – 185×5, 205×3, 215×3, 225×3, 235×1

  7. 135#
    pistols bw

  8. Power clean + front squat + squat clean complex (shoulders): up to 97
    Pistols: first time doing them unsupported! Woo!
    WOD: 4 rds + L-sit hold (15 sec L-sit holds + 15 sec planche holds)

  9. Snatch – 133#
    Pistols – BW
    WOD – 7 rds Rx (parallettes on ground, L-sit into frog stand)

  10. snatch: 65(2) then 55(3); had a hard time hitting the full snatch..
    pistols: BB
    WOD: 3(or 4?) + 4 PU (15s L-sit + 15s frog planche “hold” (yikes); PU on parallettes)

  11. Snatch: 57#
    Pistols: BW, 10, 15, 20#
    WOD: 3 rds + 2 APU (15 sec L-sits and frog holds, modified Archer PUs on rings [reg. PU down, stick out arm, bring arm in, reg. PU up], phew.)

  12. Snatch 67#
    Really slow air squats instead of pistols
    WOD 6 or 7 rounds with crappy L sits and frog planche

  13. Snatch: 77, 77, 82, 82, 89
    Pistols: BW to a 12″ box with a 10k plate. Very close to full range unassisted. Holding foot helps.
    WOD: 5 rds + frog planche (15 second parallette on box L-sit, 15 second for planche)

  14. Snatch: 77,77,77,82,82
    Pistols: w/ blue band
    WOD: 6 rds + L-sit to planches (slight swing on L-sit to planche)

  15. Snatch: 82,82,82,87,87#
    Pistols: bar
    WOD: 4ish rounds of many different things… Tucks to Planch-Tuck, then 15 sec holds after 2 rounds… regular ring PUs because of some shoulder pain in the archer position

  16. snach: 55,55,55,65 (overhead squat = weak link)
    pistols: BW a mix of… unassisted/holding foot/red band.
    wod: 6 rds + Lsit + frog (1 legged L-sits, frog, ring pus)

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