Wednesday Workout: Snatches, Split Squats, and Rings



Power Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch; 4 sets; rest 2 min btwn sets

Split Squat @ 30X2; 3-3-3-3-3 per leg; rest 1 min btwn sets

Optional Post-Class Skill Work

For 5 quality rounds, not for time:


  • The Ring V-Out can be scaled to a V-up on the ground.
  • The (Rings Turned Out) L-sit Hold can be scaled to boxes or parallettes.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Snatches, Split Squats, and Rings

  1. Quick one before heading out into the thunderstorms:

    3 RFT
    10 DB thrusters 100#
    20 DB lunges 100#
    10 deadhang pull ups


  2. Snatches: 89, 99×2, 111. Need to improve mobility to catch heavier weights in a squat.
    SS: 45# kbs x 3, 53 x 2.
    WOD: Ring V-Out ok, though probably not full rotation. Obtuse angle L sits.

  3. 155×3, 165 (missed the hang, but got the other 2)

  4. 133#
    52# kbs

  5. Snatch: 57×2, 62×2
    Split Squat: 35# KBs
    WOD: No RTO on L-sits, V-outs were probably a bit suspect

  6. at crossfit midlo
    8x400m w 90sec rests, in the pouring rain and mud and a whole mess of people, it was awesome
    21:31 total time, 1:22 avg. I think their 400 is shorter than ours though.

  7. SC – 145,150,155,160
    45KB SS

  8. Snatch: 95
    SS: 25
    WOD V outs and crappy L sits

  9. snatch: 65
    SS: 25# DB
    WOD: awkward v-outs and L-sits which looked like square roots by the end (but unbroken)

    1. Mine looked like square root sits as well. I will call them that until they actually look like “L’s”

  10. Snatch: 77, 77, 82, 82 (working on dropping under, instead of ridding it down)
    SS: 35
    WOD: v-outs and regular l-sits

  11. Snatch: up to 85# happily
    Split squat @25# db

  12. Snatch: 89#
    Split Squat: 35# KBs on R, 25# on L, 12″ box
    WOD: V-Outs and RTO tuck/one leg holds

  13. Snatch: 37, 42, 47, 52# (technique work but it felt good to lift)
    SS: 20# KB in each hand
    Clean Pulls: 4×3 – 101#

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