Monday Workout: Snatch, Front Squat, and Walk on Your Hands



In 10 minutes build to a heavy double in the (full) Snatch.

In 10 minutes build to a heavy double Front Squat @ 21X1.

Optional Post-Class Skill Work

3 rounds for quality:

  • Handstand Walk the length of the mat
  • L-Pull-up x 5


  • We will test our 1RM and set some PR’s next week, so this week the weight is heavy but the sets are few.
  • Scale to chest-to-wall handstand holds and pull-ups + L-holds.

20 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Snatch, Front Squat, and Walk on Your Hands

  1. heavy double snatch: 130#
    heavy double FS: 200#

    favorite CalStrength lifting montage:

  2. shaking off some cobwebs from traveling…
    heavy double snatch: 65 kg
    heavy double front squat: 100 kg
    handstand walks and L-pull-ups were fun! got the whole mat once.

  3. crossfit main site WOD @ a local bodybuilding gym in the netherlands:
    row 500m
    30 bench press @ 20 kilo(should have gone heavier. didnt know scaling)
    row 1000m
    20 BP
    row 2000m
    10 BP

    No clue on how long it took. Maybe around 20 min. I used this crazy rower that I’ve never used before that has water inside of it. It consistently paced me much faster than I’ve ever been paced, so i feel uncomfortable trusting it. But either way rows were being paced around 2:00-2:17 at my lowest point. No way.

  4. 2 rep Snatch: 95# (PR+5# from my 1rm)
    2 rep FS: 155# (same as current 1rm but at tempo)

    First day with Oly shoes and I definitely like the solid feel and ankle position in the bottom of the squat, especially in the snatch landing

  5. no maxes today, but 2×5 @ 150# power snatch
    and 2 reps at 245# fs

  6. Snatch: 67×1 (kept losing my balance at the bottom of the 2nd rep)
    FS: 128 (PR)

  7. snatch: 75×2, 85×1 – more power than full
    FS: 129×2, 139×1 (PR, i think)

  8. Snatch – 133# (everything after 121# was a power snatch)
    Front Squat – 231, 243×1

    then 5x hanging L-hold w/ oly shoes on, untimed

    1. and 143×1 on the snatch (power), twice

  9. Snatch: 139, 161 x 1 pr
    FS: 231, 243×1 pr

  10. Snatch: 121. 133 fail.
    FS: 199

  11. snatch, 135 – power then squat – never was able to catch in a squat
    fs: 205 but quick on 2nd rep

  12. Power snatch 135 (ugly) but since 135 is/was my 1 RM I’ll take it.
    Front squat 177, failed on the second rep with 187. 187 is a PR so….Shazam!

  13. snatch: 140
    front squat: 244
    L-pull-ups: fine
    handstand stuff: NOT fine

  14. 160 x 1

  15. Snatch: up to 94# with full snatch; 99# 1st rep full snatch, 2nd power with OHS
    FS: up to 133# double, 138 two singles (weak, lower back tired after snatches?)

    WOD: sub 10 clapping push-ups for handstand walks

  16. Snatch: 115 x 2
    FS: 155 x 2
    Some L pull ups and hand stand walk attempts

  17. Snatch 175 x 2, 185 fail
    FS 215 x2, 225 x1 fail (all FS A2A with pause)

  18. Snatch: 89 (worked on form/getting the bar overhead faster – thanks for the help Scott!)
    FS: 143
    WOD: Lpull ups and handstand walking

  19. Snatch: 115

    FS: 207 (PR)

    Skill work: walked the length of the mat on hands pretty much all three times and did the l-sit pullups. Love those things.

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