Tuesday Workout: Dip and 30 on / 30 off


In 10 minutes build up to a 1RM in the Weighted Dip.


8 rounds:

  • Row 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec

Immediately into 8 rounds:

  • Double Under 30 sec
  • Rest 30 sec


  • Be careful when attempting a 1RM dip on the rings. Will anyone get their first true ring dip today?
  • Aim to match meters and double under reps each round. Scale to fast single-unders if need be.

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Dip and 30 on / 30 off

  1. no dip today. still torn up from bp sunday
    343 dus

    1. WHAT!!!! That was two days ago and real men can bench 7 days a week.

      1. i admit i’m no longer that globolishious

    2. max dip: 91, 108(f)

  2. I did like Greg in today’s photo and mounted the Airdyne for another dose of humiliation. Did single-unders instead of double-unders or tuck-jumps… calves sore, tuck-jumps would not be good right now.

    106 calories / 1.6 miles, 463(?) SU

  3. 55 RD
    1392 Row, 468 DU

    1. Don’t forget that mega safe, awesome and never before tried “barbell dip”

  4. In home workout in Seattle:
    10 rds:
    10 sit ups
    10 push ups
    10 air squats
    300 cals burned on treadmill.

    My weak attempt to get ready for “Murph” on Mon.

  5. 45# dip on blocks (PR)

    Rows: 1279m
    DUs: first few rounds were rough, so shifted to thinking of it as going for max reps in 30 seconds. On the very last one got 40 DUs, which was my best. Still broke twice though. Blehg.

  6. 110# Dip
    1262 m Row
    656 Singles

  7. Did yesterday’s WOD, substituting full squat hang cleans for the snatches.
    HC@ 107 highest post injury for sure.
    FS@ 120(1), something like 118 for 2. Legs were sorta jelly from the HC. Surprised that this wasn’t higher but also wasn’t pushing to max. Still high post injury.

  8. RD: RB, negs, box
    WOD: 1040m, 237 DU

  9. 1320m, 265 du

  10. Dips: 20# (on parallettes)
    WOD: 1050m, 379 DUs

  11. Dip: 104#
    WOD: 1261m, 206 DU

  12. Dips: 40lbs.
    WOD: 1168m (I think?), 247 DU

  13. dip – 45# on parallettes
    wod – 1165m, 208du

  14. Ring dip holds
    WOD: 1182 row, 156 du (still trying to string them together)

  15. Dip – 94# on parallettes. Weight holding setup broke @ 104# before attempt.

    WOD – 1314 meters, 198 double unders

    1. btw… if there’s going to be a 1RM dip, please have the equipment to do it safely.

      1. It would be awesomeness to have more than 1 heavy weighted vest or a legit dip belt, even with just Justin and I sharing it we held up the class. A dip belt would also be great as it is less, uh, absorbent … that vest was super nasty by the 6:15 class. 🙂

  16. dips: negatives
    WOD: 1224m, 327 du

  17. PC: 3-3-3-1-1-1: up to 225
    Dips: 80
    Wod: 1327m & 381 DUs

  18. Dips: 95#

    WOD: 1375 (I think) & 248 DUs

  19. Ring negs, 1068m, 522SU

  20. On Saturday:
    WOD: 1226 m, 356 DUs

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