Wednesday Workout: Chin-up 1RM and Run 5k

Wednesday 12 Noon Class is Cancelled.

Due to scheduling issues, we are cancelling the Tuesday and Thursday 12 Noon Class this summer starting this week. We will start those classes again in the fall when our training staff returns!



In 10 minutes build up to a 1RM in the Weighted Chin-up (or Pull-up).


Run (or Row) 5 km


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Chin-up 1RM and Run 5k

  1. I must be flip flopping my WODS bc I did this yesterday: 5k on the streets of Den Haag. Didn’t really time it due to too much stop/go traffic but I’d peg it around 26 min.

  2. PU: 35# (first time attempting 1RM, so PR! by default πŸ˜› )
    5K: 25:20, 0:29 slower than September on this course, 1:16 slower than March at the CHT5K… I think running solo was a mistake because I didn’t really have a good way to gauge my pace

  3. At home. PU: 35#, and like Joe, it’s a PR for me πŸ™‚

    Still sore all over from Murph.

  4. pu: 90, 100(f)
    annie: 8:31. lousy du’s
    at bh

  5. 60#
    20:04 row

  6. CU: 20#
    5K: 27:29 (35 seconds slower than September, womp womp)

  7. 85#
    28:34 – murph stole my legs

  8. CU: 45# (PR)
    2.5k run: 12:23
    Row 2k at ~2:17 pace

  9. Chin Up – no (elbows)

    5k – 30:24
    * first real 5k ever
    * 2nd or 3rd longest run ever
    * left side low back/hip/IT band discomfort was a limiting factor especially on hills

  10. Chin up: 50# PR by default
    5k: 33:13 er not my best. By a long shot.

  11. Weighted chin-up: 74#
    5k: 23:24

  12. Chin ups: 2 with body weight
    5K: 28:34. Ugh.

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