Thursday Workout: Clean and Jerk and Back Squat 1RM plus Mobility



In 15 minutes build up to a 1RM in the Clean & Jerk.

In 15 minutes build up to a 1RM in the Back Squat.


Spend at least 10 minutes foam rolling your upper body.

Pick an Overhead/Rack Position stretch from our Mobility Section and hold it for at least 1 minute per side.


  • Today is another day for setting PR’s!
  • If you cannot attend a class today, make up these lifts at some point this week.

27 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Clean and Jerk and Back Squat 1RM plus Mobility

  1. 72# clean and jerk
    115# back squat (pr+6)

    Also did 2 strict pull ups for the first time!

  2. If I don’t hear Whitney Houston in the gym I’m going to be disappointed.

    1. That was a terrible idea.

  3. C&J: 125# (PR + 5# from last week)
    BS: 200#
    Legs were a little tight so I worked to my previous 1RM on BS and called it a day. Felt comfortable and had good depth, so I’ll revisit this soon with fresh legs and a pair of spotters.

  4. C&J: 135#
    BS: 205, PR by 30+ pounds. What is happening to me!?!?!??

  5. C&J: 125 (PR+20# from last week)
    BS: 165 (PR+35# from last week)

  6. C&J: 110 (PR +10#)
    BS: 130 (PR +9#)

  7. c&j 205, didn’t attempt higher bc kyle says my technique sucks and I’m going to f-myself-up, so i’ll work on that.
    bs: 265 once shallow then 265 (f) with depth so (PR-10)

    1. BS: 300(pr!)

  8. C&J: 205

  9. CJ:165
    BS: X

  10. Still no squats (knee). CJ @ 200

  11. CJ: 190 (pr +23). It wasn’t pretty but I didn’t see any place on the white board for style points.
    BS up to 223 but it wasn’t happening. Murph hasn’t returned my legs…still.

  12. No c&j -nursing hand/wrist tendinitis
    Bs: 5-3-1, 5-3-1 @31×1 tempo (up to 133#). I’m a little behind in the programming and not quite ready for a 1 rep max bs

  13. C&J: 148 (tied PR)
    no BS … little workout w/ Brice instead – 5 rounds: 200m row, 10 t2b

  14. Bench 5×5 – 155, 165, 170, 175, 180

  15. C&J – 205 # (PR + 205, what an improvement!)
    BS – 305 # (PR + 30 #)

  16. C&J 95#, didn’t have time to do full BS, so will make-up on Sat. (guessing it’ll be 155#)

  17. C&J: 143# (pretty sure that is a PR?) (should’ve had 148… next time)
    No squat, back tweaked from FS.
    Light good mornings 5×5 @67#.

    I’m taking off for Philly this afternoon for a 10 week summer internship. See y’all in the fall!

    1. Kate – I had the book in my bag and forgot to leave it! Sorry 🙁
      Its called “The Naked Warrior” and its by Pavel. Hopefully you can find a copy.

  18. C&J: 111# (PR +10)
    BS: 175# (PR +10)

  19. C&J: 149 # PR
    BS: 208# no change from last PR attempt

  20. 6/16…

    clean PR (missed the jerk): 185#

    1. update (7/7): C&J @185# (PR)

      awwww yeahhhh

      and BS 2RM: 265#

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