33 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Fran

  1. I think I will do some curls tomorrow instead

  2. 6:30 (37#, rr’s)
    surprisingly my first time doing Fran – how has that happened?!

  3. 9:52 (55#, 9,6,3 PU) Working on kipping!

  4. 4:49- sub 70lbs kb swings for thrusters

  5. 4:48, 37 lb & ring rows.

  6. 5:06 RX…pr by +30lbs and more than 5 minutes from last July, and that is why crossfit is awesome.

    1. That’s really incredible. Nice job!

  7. 3:44 rx….these are the days I wish I had never heard of crossfit.

  8. 5:17 wrong direction…

  9. 7:52 (15-10-5, red band PUs)
    Scaled back the reps since this was my first time with Rx weight and I might be doing this again in about a week.

  10. 10:30 (67# with a hurt shoulder)
    7 months ago….8:50 Rx

    still spending 75% of my time on those darn kipping pull-ups

  11. Howdy kids! Been a while, playing in the Islands and whatnot, but it wasn’t all lazing on the beach mind you. Lots of crazy adventures in the jungles, cliffs, beaches and rocks of St John for Alex Finn and I.

    Been rocking the garage gym because there’s too much to do around here to leave the house.

    Did some other stuff yesterday, but this today:

    Deadlift 7×5

    30 Muscle Ups for time
    3:35 – 1:07 PR

    1. Then at home today before jetting off for the week:

      1 C&J then 10 Backsquats 95#
      1 C&J then 10 Backsquats 135#
      1 C&J then 20 Backsquats 160#
      1 C&J then 10 Backsquats 175#
      1 C&J 185#

      Mainsite WOD 120529
      Front Squat 95#


  12. 5:22 rx
    This was my first time doing the famous Fran and I now understand what all the buzz was about. I also understand why I should learn to “kip” pull-ups!

    1. 4:33 rx on saturday June 9th (after quick kipping lesson)

      1. Keep knocking off 1 minute every few weeks, and you’ll be winning the Games soon!

  13. Fran:9:57 (65#, bb Pull ups)
    First time.
    After doing this, Andy’s performance seems even more incredible.

  14. 5:59 @67#
    PR by 1:53 at this weight since november

  15. 8:35 @ 85#

  16. Lifting on Saturday
    EMOTM: hang clean + clean + front squat x 10 @ 89#
    Purpleband Chinups: 5 x 2 (or 3 if I could squeeze it out)
    Mini-WOD: row 250m, 15 KB swings (35#), 25 box jumps (24″), 15 KB swings, row 250m — 5:30

  17. 6:28 Rx although movement standards were sketch.

  18. 5:27 w/ 45# bar (wobbling not allowed)

  19. 5:50 rx

  20. 11:15 at MHGDH(meat heat gym den haag)- 57#, subbed 9-6-3 strict pull ups instead of banded ones(no bands). Couldnt kip, either. Sort of kicked my way up on some of the reps, but mostly did them strict… this took the longest time of the WOD.

    Twice two men came by and asked if they could “help me do pull ups” since I was kicking. Wanted to kick them in their juiced out triceps.

    This was much slower than any other Fran I’ve done(dont have times to compare it to) but assuming bc it is a bit heavier than I’ve done in a while and the pull ups being ridic, plus the non-CF setting. Or I’m just laaaazy.

  21. Fran: 7:00

    Thrusters are a menace to society.

  22. 5:57 65# ring rows

  23. 7:50 (55# / ppl band)

  24. at crossfit south brooklyn
    Skill work on pullups: 4 strict, followed by 2-3 sets (2-3 reps/set), then 2-3 sets w/ bb (2-3 reps/set)
    WOD (Row As Many Meters As Possible in 15 Minutes While Maintaining Sub 23 Strokes Per Minute): 3201 M

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