20 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Rowing and Double Unders

  1. 13:55 (150 Single Unders/round*)
    * DUs by the 4th of July is my new goal. (there, it’s public!)

  2. 14:49 DUs
    *really bad day for me and DUs. I couldn’t link more than 3 together….had plenty left in the tank and should have been faster. Time to start practicing DUs every time I come in!

  3. Oh my god. This workout sounds like hell…

  4. 9:29 with 150 single unders per.

  5. Oddly enough, I can no longer do single unders. That doesn’t mean I can do double unders without harnessing all of my mental faculties, but I tried and failed several times today to do a string of single unders in our warmup. My wrists move at double under speed no matter what!

    1. Elliot, I’m right there with you! I tried to ditch the doubleunders for time’s sake and still couldn’t string anything together. Good time for you though! I was so displeased with mine that I stayed after for about 30 minutes and worked on doubleunders and a few other things.

    2. I am still really terrible at double unders. I think I need a coach. And fairy dust.

  6. Front Squat 5 sets of 3 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
    WOD 7:25 Rx

  7. 8:18 rx

  8. 8:57- sub speed bump run for row

  9. On the road in Manila…
    no rower, so I did Annie: 10:02 Rx

  10. at the AFC again 🙁
    9:35 – would’ve been a little faster if I hadn’t had to scurry from the rower to a place where I could jump rope

  11. 8:58 Rx
    Sloooow rowing today…

  12. 11:28 Rx
    first 2 rounds DUs were the worst ever…just 1 or 2 at a time
    3rd round DUs in 29+21

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