36 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Angie

  1. 15:46 @ MHGDH
    Knee PU/ Sub body rows on the squat rack for pull ups.

    Honestly dont’ know if i did an extra round of 20 for each thing.. lost count. Thinking no, but its possible.

  2. Mentioned in the trackback post but not here: Rx is to perform these movements in order (i.e. you must complete all 100 pull ups before moving on to push ups). Scale reps where appropriate!

    1. Awww fail on my part! I didn’t know, so I broke them up !

  3. 23:49 (45 Pull ups, the rest Rx)

  4. 18:13 Rx
    * Happy with my time, but I NEED to learn how to kip. It took me almost 9 minutes to get through the pull-ups with the first 50 being strict and the next 50 some ugly flopping looking motion. I made up a lot of time on the push-ups.

  5. 21:29 – 50 rr,75,rx,rx

  6. Just looked at beyondthewhiteboard.com…top times are sub 8min.!!! New goal, this time next year sub 11min. Angie. It’s in writing, TIME TO GET AFTER IT!!!!

    1. i wouldn’t worry about that. people have very different definitions of what counts as a pullup, pushup, situp, or squat, unless they’re being judged at the CrossFit Games.

  7. 21:24. 50 RR, 75 PU (some strict, most modified), the rest Rx

  8. 17:23 rx

    1. 17:11 on 12-12-12

  9. 17:09 rx

    last time I got 15:18 … doing 50 blue band pullups, 75 pushups, rest rx, and I complained that I could only do decent pullups once every 3 days – hah! It *does* get a lot easier 🙂

    1. Atta boy! Ole Kev done went and crushed it…..

      1. Blind hog gets an acorn once in awhile

    2. the vertically challenged may have the advantage in this one (and most others), but you still have to rely on us tall beings to write your time up on the board!

      1. Thanks for the help. Hobbits are no good at writing things in high places.

      2. Yes. Thank you Alex. We’re on the same team. Happy to help with scores any time.

  10. 12:46 (50/50/100/100)

  11. 18:56 (50 BB, 50, 100, 100)

  12. 18:17 Rx.

  13. 16:04 (75 rr, 75, 100, 100)

  14. Made it to Cincinnati after another 13 hour day of flying and managed to rally for this.

    Angie on a friggin 3/4″ bar in a squat cage, did not feel so good and I almost tipped it over whilst butterfly kipping!

    But first I did:
    Back Squat 10-8-6-4

    Front Squat 10-8-6-1
    115-135-185-205 – failed on 225 a few times before giving up

    Bench 10-8-6-4-2

    1. Say again? You turned a 15 flat on a rickety squat rack bar AFTER 8 sets of squats and 5 sets of bench. That is badass.

  15. 19:59 (50, 50, 100, 100)…meant to do 100 pushups, but shoulder was not happy after the pullups.

  16. “Travelling Angie” – no bar, so just 100 x Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats
    doing sit ups on a rug w/o abmats/anchors was no fun 😛

  17. 20:05 (60 PU with Green band), knee pushups after 30, rest RX

  18. Angie at Home 18:41
    Subs: instead of pull ups did ring rows (rigged some Macgyver type rings)
    And to protect old tailbone injury tried Modified ghd style situps using big chair

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