20 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Chipper

  1. @ MHGDH: Heavy hang power cleans: 5@90lb, 4@90lb, 2@97, 2@106, 1@111- fail on the second rep. Was trying to beat last weeks heavy 2PC but got the same result.

    Followed by 30 min of private boxing lesson. First one. Holy heck, I’m sold! Living Crossfit rule “regularly learn and play new sports.”
    Lesson of the day: My cardio is shit.

    1. Multiple studies have shown how specific “conditioning” is, so that’s awesome you’re trying new things. Good luck with boxing… don’t get hurt!

  2. 18:27, GB PUs, knee push-ups after 20, 35# russian KB

  3. 16:59rx ….50 burpees to end it…WOW

  4. 24:32 (30 pull ups, 30/24″BJ, 35# KB,push ups, squats, sit ups and burpees rx)

  5. 18:21 RX w/ 35# kb

  6. 17:48 rx

  7. 17:50 Rx. Thanks to three bottles of water and a two meat platter from the BBQ exchange that brought me back from the dead.

  8. 28:12 (BBPUs) Waaaaay too much resting.

  9. 19:22 RX

  10. 26:47 (25 RB/25BB)

  11. 12.50 – scaled to 30 reps, rr

  12. 17:28 (no pull ups, rest rx)
    Couldn’t do pull ups because I was at the AFC so I didn’t have a sub for them 🙁

  13. Made do with home gym – subbed makeshift ring rows for pullups and my box was 18 inches

  14. Make up Saturday – 19:58 rx

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