34 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Turkish Getups

  1. @MHGDH:
    Back Squats focusing on form(weights do not include bar weight): 5×5: 2×5@20k, 3×5@30k. Realizing that I need to use a narrower stance if my goal is to correct knee issues. Working on this. Then,
    Hang PC warmed up, then 3×5@20k
    Then 30 minutes boxing lesson, then 25 min work on the jumprope.

  2. Getups 13,15,20#
    15:33. (20″box)

  3. TGUs: 32k 3×3
    WOD: 16:41
    *As it starts to get warmer and warmer I think the key is going to be getting plenty of rest and more fluids. I cramped up pretty bad after the first round and just tried to keep moving. I may start mixing in coconut water before my workouts. I hear it’s better than any sort of sports drink….thoughts?

    1. I’m not sure what’s GOOD, but I’m personally convinced that sports drinks are BAD. They’re just water, high fructose corn syrup, flavoring, coloring, and oh yeah throw in some electrolytes and stuff so they can make a health claim. It’s incredible to me that they can make billions with this stuff, and kind of reinforces Michael Pollan’s advice to avoid anything with a health claim on the label. But then again, “Vitamin Water” is also amazingly successful, and if you look at how much sugar is in it you realize it’s not Vitamin Water at all, it’s Sugar Water.

      My favorite is half a peach or nectarine. I’ve been meaning to try coconut water too. Although some of the claims sound a bit hyped: “kills intestinal worms” ha! http://yogapeach.com/2011/07/08/cool-down-with-natural-coconut-water-natures-healthiest-sports-drink/

      That said, there were many times on the farm when we intubated a half-frozen calf suffering from scours and nearly dead with diarrhea, and pumped half a gallon of hot electrolytes and sugar down its throat and saved its life. So if you ever feel like a dying calf, I say by all means go for the Gatorade.

      1. Hahaha, so far I haven’t run into a WOD where I felt like a dying calf. But I’m sure they’re coming! I don’t really consume sports drinks. Certainly not before a work out. But I have heard from several friends that coconut water does wonders for staying hydrated. I’m wondering if adding that into my pre-workout hydration routine would be helpful. Right now I start about an hour before my workout and drink at least a liter of water.

        All that being said, I could just need some rest. This is day 3 of crossfit in the morning and a second workout of some sort in the afternoon. :-/

      2. But they’ve got electrolytes…its what plants crave!

    2. Personally I’ve found that I’m pretty good with just water before, during and after (but usually lots of it). I haven’t had a sports drink in a really long time, but I do sometimes grab a coconut water after a WOD. Generally speaking, in an effort to get some carbs into my system post-WOD, I usually eat some fruits, nuts and protein within about 30 minutes of finishing. I find I recover more quickly and can get on with my day as long as I get that and drink plenty of water.

      That said, from a purely clinical perspective, sugar + water is really the way to go for rehydration. That doesn’t mean that you need to get your sugar from corn syrup though, so the bigger commercial drinks are probably a mixed bag of help. Would I give someone with cholera Gatorade? ABSOLUTELY. Would I tell you to drink it post-WOD? Probably not. Stick with water and a little bit of fruit and you should be good to go.

      1. don’t forget salt!

      2. Yeah, I just drink water, water, water… I love it.

        I overheard a conversation at a race recently: “I heard that beer is actually the best way to rehydrate!” I never tried it, but I don’t believe it; one of the first things alcohol does is inhibit water absorption, and metabolizing alcohol requires a lot of water. The dehydration is said to be the cause of a hangover.

        I’m just going totally off topic now, but it’s one of those days. Who else can I reply to?

      3. Ah yes, salts… sorry to neglect these. The gold standard ORS packets distributed by WHO contain Glucose, Sodium Chloride, Trisodium Citrate and Potassium Chloride. Brief nerdery: the whole issue here (that many have come to understand) is that water by itself does not readily enter the body unless there is an osmotic gradient between your intestinal lumen and the intestinal epithelium. This gradient is, under homeostatic conditions, always present but not always optimized for water absorption. To improve the absorption rate, we can make the gradient steeper by loading those intestinal epithelial cells with salts and sugar (which they absorb readily at fixed rates). ORS packets/sachets were developed to optimally capitalize on the rate of solute absorption so that nothing is wasted. To be fair, almost all the water you drink is absorbed eventually, however incorporating solutes increases the rate of absorption. Furthermore, this method of including electrolytes and sugar helps to maintain the osmolarity of your blood so that you retain the water rather than immediately filtering it out again.

        OK… I guess what this all boils down to is that you should drink lots of water and eat an apple with some beef jerky 🙂 For those drinking a protein shake post-WOD you’re probably already getting enough sodium to meet these requirements.

    3. I’m gonna try coconut water too. Let’s compare notes! I’ll try to watch your comments to see how you find it.

      It does sound like you are pushing pretty hard 🙂 I don’t think we’ve met, BTW. I do Monday noon and Thursday 9:30.

      1. Sounds good to me! Nice to meet you! I’ tues-fri or mon. – thurs. at the 6am or 6:30am.

      2. First day trying coconut water pre-workout. I mixed about 3/4 of a liter of water with a serving of coconut water. Maybe it was taking a few days off, maybe it was the fact that I’m finally over that bronchitis, or maybe it was the coconut water….either way, I felt like I crushed today’s WOD! I will be mixing coconut water into my pre-workout hydration from now on!

      3. Where did you get the coconut water? What brand/kind?

        Last night Lynn and I ate at Thai 99 and I ordered coconut juice on a whim. It was about half sugar. I should have known 🙂

      4. I prefer Vita Coco. It’s low in sugar and sodium. You can find it at most grocery stores, but I am going to check out Sams Club to see if I can find it in bulk. It can be a bit pricey. I’m up in northern Va today and stopped at a Wegmans and picked up a 12 pack for $17.

    4. just chug some pickle juice between rounds 😉

  4. *rx for the WOD.

  5. TGUs:10,13,20(rt arm only,15 left arm)
    WOD: 16:32 (24″ Box)

    I can’t even imagine doing this in the afternoon.
    After the workout, I participated in an Aging Study at UVA and felt like I aced it. Thank you CrossFit and thank you Paleo Diet.

  6. TGUs: 35#, 40#, didn’t do round 3 cuz I’m slow.
    WOD: 13:10 with 24-inch box.

  7. TGU: 25#, 35# for one rep/each arm then 25#, 25#
    WOD: 15:45, 24″ box

  8. TGU: 35lb
    WOD: 18” box, 14:40

  9. TGU: 25lbs
    WOD: 18″ box, 14:40

  10. 45#
    12:46 rx

  11. TGU: 10, 13, 13#
    WOD: 14:24, 20″ box.
    Triumphant return to Crossfit!

  12. OHS 5×5 – 95, 115, 125, 135(5 rep PR), 145(newer 5 rep PR)

    1 rep OHS – 160 (+5 PR)

    Untimed – 5 rds 10 pushups, 10 situps

  13. TGU: 25,35,35
    WOD: 14:06 (20″ box)

  14. TGU: 10
    WOD: 14:38? (500m row, 15 box step ups)

  15. TGU: 20, 25#
    WOD: 14:44 rx

  16. TGU: 25, 26, 26 (tried the 30# DB on rd 2, but didn’t have enough shoulder stability to control it)
    WOD: 15:51 Rx

  17. WOD- 14:11

  18. 13:18 rx w/ a break for a nasty shin gashhhhhhh on the second box jump

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