Wednesday Workout: Power Cleans, Muscle Ups, Double Unders


Work on Handstand Pushups and Handstand Holds for 10 Minutes


4 Rounds of

  • 5 Power Cleans (185/115)
  • 5 Muscle Ups
  • 50 Double Unders

21 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Power Cleans, Muscle Ups, Double Unders

  1. 24:40ish
    – Rd. 1 – 185# PC, 3 mu, 50 du
    – Rd. 2 & 3 – rx. (switched to false grip)
    – Rd. 4 – 185# PC, 1 mu. 8 ctb pu, 8 ring dips, 50 du

    *Fighting some sort of bruise or injury in my hand and I wasted too much energy trying to do muscle ups with a poor hang grip. I’m also wasting a lot of energy with the cleans. This was a good workout though. It revealed a lot that I need to work on. Thanks Scott for your help with my form all around.

    • * Worked on free handstand pu’s for about 5 min. and then did 3 sets of 2 on top of 12″ boxes…I can’t remember what these are called….negatives maybe?

      • Those were deficit handstand pushups. So, if you had your hands on the 12″ boxes and got your head to the floor each rep, it’d be HSPU with a 12″ deficit. Negative just refers to the eccentric or lowering portion of a lift or movement.

        And no problem man – way to stay with it this morning

  2. HSPUs “in Progress”. 3 sets of 8,6,5 reps w/ 3 ABMATS. Can only grab 2 w 2 ABMATS, 0 w one.
    WOD:14:13 (BB MUs, 85#Cl, 150SU/rd)*
    * Assisted MUs feel solid, should have gone up at least 10# on the Cleans.

  3. 15:30 something? (too busy pouting about double unders and slow ring dips…) – subbed 10 pull ups/5 ring dips for muscle ups, rest rx

  4. HSPU – up to 16″ box deficit

    WOD – 19:19 (185#, only 1 MU rnds 2-4)
    a WTF moment failing on the WOD’s first MU, 2 torn hands, and a ring that kept falling = 6:00 for first rnd. not sure why MU’s were so hard today.

  5. HSPU-2 or 3 w/ a 12″ box
    WOD- 14:55 @ 115# (2 MU’s rounds 1-3, 2 MU fails round 4)

  6. HSPU: sets of 3 with 1 abmat
    WOD: 11:26 (89#, 2:1 RRs + red band RDs for MUs)

  7. HSPUs-on boxes
    WOD: 12something? DU’s scaled to: single, single, double X 25 (so 75 jumps, but can’t string DUs yet). PCs and MUs were Rx.

  8. HSPU- can string 3 kipping w/ no abmat
    WOD- 15:10 w/ 85# clean, red band assisted MU’s and got back to stringing some DU’s- so determined ….

  9. Handstand holds, working on balance and not passing out on return to standing
    WOD: 12:39? 95# clean, 10 GBPU/box dips per rd, 150-ish SU per rd.

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