3 Year Anniversary Party!

We are hosting a three year anniversary part at Wild Wings Cafe on Saturday, July 7th at 2PM. We’ll be buying a bunch of wings, sharing stories and just hanging out on a Saturday. Bring your significant others and friends!

We’ll also be wishing Martha the best as she heads to the CrossFit Games in LA, ranked 15th fittest female in the world in her age class!!!!

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1 thought on “3 Year Anniversary Party!

  1. Thank you to everyone for you kind words of encouragement and help along the way! I’m so grateful to so many for all the support and instruction, reaching goals and finding a way to hitting new pr’s. Kyle, Landon and Chris, you make the best team and look what you’ve accomplished in building a community and creating a haven for fun for the last three years! Thanks to ALL the talented, invested trainers! Joe, yours or Jess’s DU’s are my next goal! Chris G.- thanks for the new and improved pull-ups and helping me to get back, mentally,on the box! John Slovensky and Dave- helped to get me to the 75# snatch goal. Scottie- kind words in spite of my clean and great motivation by example. Meg- always a smile to build strength with and a sweet card. Alex W.- you and your long legs pushed me every time on the wall balls. Eric W.- you said, “pain is temporary, glory is forever” on my wounded comeback in the Open..really needed to hear that cause it hurt. Ben- You were first to bring me to across the board PR’s I didn’t even realize were happening. Joyce, Jenni, Taylor, Jess, Jenny, Sam, Devon, Amy, Lauren, Lex, Hillary, Margaret, Melissa, Fashaya, Olivia, Kim- Girls, I’m always looking for you. You give me courage! Kevin- pure enthusiasm! Al- there are no words. Thanks, everyone at Crossfit Charlottesville! What a great community of special people. I’ll be carrying you all with me to the Games.

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