Tuesday Workout: Row, Toes to Bar, Push Press, Burpees

Note: for July 4th, we are only offering one class at 9:30AM, but it is open to the public, on rampers and regular members. Join us for a free team fun workout.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTqNSgCmM2s&w=420&h=315%5D

15 Minute AMRAP of

  • Row 250 Meters
  • 10 Toes to Bar
  • 10 Push Press (95/65)
  • 10 Burpees Over Bar

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Row, Toes to Bar, Push Press, Burpees

  1. 4rds +149 meters (50#pp, Knees to elbows)

  2. 3rds + t2b, pp, 6 burpees, rx pp, mostly knees to elbows. Seriously need to work on kipping.

  3. Working out of our Arlington office today so I stopped in to Crossfit Arlington’s box. It’s really cool how welcoming people are in the crossfit community and how universally the things we are learning apply.

    3-3-3-3-3 Power Clean: 205, 205, 205, 225, 225

    4 rounds
    – 400m run
    – 21 Deadlift @ 185#
    * 13:10 – My legs felt good, but my back definitely fatigued. My back has a tendency to tighten up pretty bad on long runs (not that this was a long run). I think I just need to work on my muscle endurance there and deadlifts are certainly going to help!

    1. Great job today!!

  4. great work lunch class!

  5. Kevin Reynolds July 3, 2012 — 1:20 pm

    5 rds rx

    1. Awesome, Kevin! (It was hot in there)

  6. WOD- 3 rounds plus 5 burpees Rx

  7. 5 + 4 burpees rx

  8. 5 rds + 200 m row rx

  9. Rip’s video above on grip, though very different from anything CrossFit has ever taught us about grip (on strict press), is so the truth. Since the 70s Big Seminar I learned this secret of “turn your hands toward each other at a 45 degree angle then grip the bar” and “your grip is too wide. Trust me. Grab the bar where the knurling starts. If you can see knurling next to your thumb you’re too wide” and “elbows in FRONT of your wrists ALL THE TIME”, and have applied them to strict presses and have managed to do 95#x3 easily. I haven’t maxed out with this way, but it’s made the lift smoother and stronger, as well as my bench and pull-ups. Do eet.

    1. Agreed Elizabeth. I was lucky to drop into a class in San Diego 2 years ago that Sage was teaching and she taught us all of the same ideas. Very cool to meet the little girl I saw in her dad’s videos first do clean and jerks and snatches when I started Crossfit!

  10. Subbed 25×50# Sumo high pulls for rows and V-ups for toes to bar.

    This was a lot more terrible than I anticipated!

    4 + 3 burpees

    Warmed up with 5×10 of 50# goblet squats and dumbbell curls

    Hope everyone has their power back by now!

  11. 3 rds + 2 burpees Rx (67#)

  12. 4 rds + 250m row & 1 T2B.

    Head-to-head w/Alex & she got me in the end.

  13. 2 burpees shy of 4 full rounds. 4 full rounds in 15:04.
    K2E (-ish), 55# pp

  14. 4 rds + 3 t2b @ 67# (t2b and push press unbroken)

  15. 10×2 Hang Snatch @ 77#
    10×2 3-Position Halting Snatch Pull @133#
    WOD: 3 rnds + PP @79#
    I think doing the snatch work beforehand might have slowed me down a little in the WOD 😛

    1. I think doing snatch work beforehand just made you that much more awesome, so pat yourself on the back

  16. 3 rounds + 250 m + 5 t2b

  17. 3 + 9 burpees rx

  18. 3 rounds + 250row + 10 PP + 7 burpees @89#

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