Tuesday Workout: CrossFit Games 2012 Masters Row Clean Burpees

Everyone wish Martha luck as she is off to compete in the CrossFit games for the title of the woman’s fittest world in her age group. We’ll be updating the facebook page with her progress, so stay tuned for details!


For time:
Row 1K
30 Cleans (assume power?)
50 Burpees

Clean Loads
Men 45-54 – 135 pounds
Men 55+ – 115 pounds
Women 55-59 – 75 pounds
Women 45-49 – 95 pounds
Women 50-54 – 85 pounds
Women 60+ – 65 pounds

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: CrossFit Games 2012 Masters Row Clean Burpees

  1. 15:05 @89# (started out @ 95# but didn’t think I could keep it going for 30 reps)

  2. 10:21rx
    *I made up a ton of time on the burpees. I really need to focus on getting under the bar when I start getting tired instead of pulling so much with my arms. I also ended up with a massive headache at the base of head, which was a painful reminder to keep my head and neck level.

  3. 13:28 @ 65#. If I was just 20 years older, I could claim rx! Sigh…

  4. 11:48 Rx. Since it was just Hank and me in the gym, Chris let me pick the tunes! MEGADETH ruled the lunch class which easily allowed me to knock at least a minute off of my normal time.


  5. At home: some Cindy, some double-unders. The big news is that I knocked out 75 DUs in a few minutes, and my longest string of DUs was about 12 or 15 in a row! It feels like I’m passing the tipping point in my DU saga. A week ago I could only do one at a time.

    1. AWESOME job! Not an easy skill!

      1. When does the clinic start? I’ll be the first to sign up. Congats! BTW, I got the book, thanks.

      2. Thanks! Yeah, today I PR’ed at 19 in a row! 🙂

  6. 8:43 Rx

  7. 11:15 Rx (if i was 16+ years older)

  8. 13:50 Rx
    burpees should be scaled based on height/weight…sandbagged the row/cleans because I knew the burpees would suck.

    1. Rowing should be scaled based on shortness of arms and legs……..

  9. Cleans: 3-2-1-3-2-1 (79, 89, 101, 89, 101, 106) First time I’ve been able to comfortably clean 100+ since my injury! Yay!
    DB shoulder press: 3×3 (25# / arm)
    BS: 3-2-1-3-2-1 (123, 145, 155, 145, 155, 160)

  10. 12:11 @ 115# – back died

  11. 12:04 @ 135 RX

    Sheesh, those power cleans were fun.

  12. 16:51 @75# and subbed an 800 m run for the row. To highlight how terrible the cleans were – my run was about a 3:30 and I did my Burpees unbroken – the rest of the time was spent struggling with cleans. I think I managed to do about 10 of the cleans with decent form!

    1. 50 burpees unbroken… I’m beginning to get a bit uneasy around here and slightly less inclined to get lippy around the house.

  13. 11:10 at 95#

  14. 11:36 @ 115#. Yeah Martha !

  15. 7:29 (no cleans)

  16. Made up on Saturday


    3:40 row
    5:00 cleans – these really sucked!

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