14 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Team WOD

  1. Is a partner carry actually carrying your partner? So you have to carry your partner after all those other things, when you’re gonna be all sweaty?

  2. @Baron: Just think of it as a greased watermelon contest! Ha. I didn’t carry anyone, so that meant I only had to swim in my own sweat…

    16:10: 14# med ball lunges; 53# sandbag for carries and squats; 8 pull-ups, 12 blue band. Super fun workout !!

  3. 16:56 for Egyptian Hypnosis. Corie did most of the squats and the wheelbarrowing, I did most of the pullups and all four legs of the partner carry.

    1. 30# slam ball for the lunges, Corie on my back (literally and not the normal figurative reference) for the carries, and 51 lb sandbag for the squats.

  4. 18:24 with Margaret, who did the majority of the burpees (most awesome partner EVER!!!). 20# slam ball, 34# sb squat, combo bb/rr for pu’s
    Perfect combination of hellish punishment and great fun…

    1. And thanks to Sam, the actual most awesome partner ever, who did ALL the squats (!!) to save my stupid back. Thank you!

  5. 18:49 w/ Bob (81# sandbag for carries and squats, 20# med ball for lunges) – split pretty evenly

  6. Team WOD with Alex in the Walden Garage Gym

    Me: 100 pullups, 5 225# DLs on the minute – 6:55 – 30 deadlifts

    Alex: 100 thrusters, 5 burpees on the minute: 10:46

    Have a great weekend, and watch Martha rule it in Cali!

  7. 19:5? with Lex 🙂
    Both: 20# WB Lunges, Partner Carry Rx
    Lex: RBPUs, 44# Sandbag Squat
    Joe: Rx (including partner squats)

    1. Time was actually 19:46. (It was still on the board at 8am.) Those 4-13 seconds matter. 😛

    2. Kevin Reynolds July 14, 2012 — 8:54 am

      Corie wouldn’t allow me to utilize her for the squat portion. You are one lucky man…

  8. 17:22 w/ Courtney. Split was even, 1 partner working at a time. I subbed 70lb kb swings for squats.

  9. on 12/6/12

    16:55 with Bryce (aka Team Chalk-a-Lot)

    Pretty evenly split except for the pull-ups (thanks, Bryce) and I used a 81# SB for squats… Bryce used me.

    1. …done immediately after working up to a max DL in 10 minutes (295# for me, 485# for Bryce [which was a PR])

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