23 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Double Unders, Front Squats, Burpees

  1. 24:34, round 1 rx, then 70#. Struggling through DUs, but got 8 or 10 strung together a couple of times. Shoulders burning or I would have stuck with the rx weight for squats.

  2. 16:38rx
    * damn you double unders!!!!

    1. I forgot to mention, I finally ordered my own rope and it came in yesterday. I was so excited, cut it without reading instructions on proper sizing…cut it too short :/ replacement cable on the way

  3. 18:46, round 1-2 @ 57#, round 3-5 @ 35#. First day I learned I could do double-unders consecutively. Still prohibitively sore from M-T, though, even after a day off.

    1. Courtney you rocked those double unders!

  4. 25:40 Scaled DUs to 15/rd, FS: 65,55,45,45, air squat
    * Dug deep just to get through that one!

  5. Damn cannot get in my head there’s no noon every day, so I showed up yet again , head smack ! Second choice acac, 14:09, rx.

  6. 17:46
    Singles, 57#x3rds, 35#x2 front squats
    Was able to do my first doubles under during warm up! I need to get a rope to practice at home …

  7. 10:31 Rx

  8. 18:57 @ 75# New Goat

  9. 14:24 (15 single, single double, 95# FS)

  10. After another 14 hours of dodging thunderstorms all over the country, managed to drag ass down to the hotel gym and do this.

    With 2×50# dumbbells for FS


    Did 3×20 straight leg deads and bench press too

    4 more legs all over California and Vegas tomorrow!

    1. Dodging storms? Weak sauce, you’re IFR capable. Fly straight through that stuff

      1. Yes, but I’m not ‘wings ripped off the jet’ capable, so I’ll just go ahead and keep on dodging thanks very much!

  11. 17:08 (75# x 2; 65# x 3) + the lesson that you should not wear running shorts while doing squats…

  12. 13:00- sub 70lbs kb swings for fs

  13. 12:34 rx

  14. 18.46 – scaled DU’s to 15, rest rx

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