Thursday Workout: Handstand Drills and Quick and Dirty

Please note that this Thursday we will be doing a 9:30AM class instead of a 12 Noon class.


Spend 10 Minutes Doing Handstand Drills (Trainer Choice)


3 Rounds of

  • 4 Muscle Ups (scaling is muscle up transitions)
  • 10 Ring Dips (scaling is 15 pushups)
  • 10 Thrusters (135/95)


13 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Handstand Drills and Quick and Dirty

  1. ?? Timer fail. Only 1 set of rings, so 8 c2b for MUs. Working out in ones garage by oneself is so demotivational. Is that a word?

  2. This workout destrominated me utterly. Triceps, why do you hate me so much?

    7:42 with all kinds of wimpy scaling.

  3. 4:45 (hspu, pu, 135# FS)

  4. 10:35- 3 mu, 9 jmu, thrusters @ 125

  5. 8:45-8 strict PUs subbed for MUs. 85# thruster.

  6. 9:05 @ 67# subbed w/ redband MU’s and PU’s

  7. At home – agree its “demotivational” –
    Did 10 chair dips for mu, 15 pushups for ring dips, started with 60# thrusters but 1/2 way thru round 1 had to go to 50# – went to knee push ups for last round. Ugh.

  8. I’m with Baron—triceps were destrominated. 7:54 with v. pathetic knee pushups for rounds 2 and 3. Le sigh.

    1. Oh yeah, 67# thruster.

  9. this was pure madness. i won’t complain if we don’t do this again.
    (did sat. 8/11)
    well over 20 minutes. scaled:
    1 MU per round (4 attempts, only made one every round)
    ring dips with red band.
    scaled up thrusters (accidentally) to 15 reps per round @65#

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