Wednesday Workout: Swole Rowin’


In exactly 10 minutes, work up to a 1 rep max power clean


3 Rounds

Each round you have 3 minutes to complete the Wallball and DB Power Cleans, all of your remaining time is used to row as many calories as possible before the time runs out.

  • 20 Wallball (M-20 W-14)
  • 10 DB Power Cleans (M-45 W-30) (if no DBs are available, use 133/89 barbell)
  • Row for calories for the remainder of the time*
  • Rest one minute

*Back of the rower is to be set up on a 45# plate and the damper setting must be set anywhere from 6-10

**Add number of calories for all three rounds for your total score.**

Compare to 9/28/2011

20 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Swole Rowin’

  1. 217 pr (+10)
    34+29+24=87 (+17)

  2. 84#pc
    17+18+17= 52 (20#dbs, 10#wb)

  3. PC: 104kg pr!
    Wod: 32, 30, 28 @ 40, 40, 45

  4. PC: 116# (PR)
    WOD: 17, 15, 14 = 46 (10# WB, 25# DB)

  5. PC: 201 (pr +1 I think)
    WOD: 32, 30, 28=90 rx

  6. PC: 188# (PR)
    WOD: 54 @ 20# wallball and 40# dumbell
    6 calories less than last time but more weight

  7. 205#
    92 rx

  8. Happy Birthday Kevin! Great to share the suck with you!

    Barbell Mile


  9. I did the wod first:40/35/27=102

  10. It did suck. Just as a 40th birthday WOD should. If you don’t want to click on the link here it is.

    25 x Back Squats
    25 x Front Squats
    25 x Overhead Squats
    Run 400 meters
    25 x Shoulder Press
    25 x Push Press
    25 x Push Jerk
    Run 400 meters
    50 x Squat Cleans
    Run 400 meters
    50 x Snatches
    Run 400 meters

    45 lb barbell on the lifts, 55 lb sandbag on the run

  11. PC: 145# (PR + 15#)
    WOD: 25 + 14 + 14 = 53 calories @ 35# DB
    First WOD with Rx WB! Fun! πŸ™
    16 fewer calories than last time, but 6# heavier WB and 5# heavier DB. Not really a break even, but I’ll take it.
    Definitely can go higher on the clean if I just would learn to get under the bar… this was definitely only cm away from a muscle clean.

    1. edit: PR + 12#, I can do math πŸ˜›

  12. PC: 148 (tie PR?)
    WOD: 57 rx (+1 PR :))

  13. PC: 225# (pr power i think)
    WOD: 37,29,30 (but my rower broke the last round, so thats an estimate)

  14. PC: 215# (10# off from PR, hoping to shatter it after the season is over and I am well rested)

  15. PC: 235#…10# pr, but pretty unhappy about it. I went for 255 too early and should’ve worked up to it. I’ll get it next time!
    WOD: 80 rx

  16. The foam rolling session was good. It would be great to have more of these. Anyone know the brand of foam roller that Bill brought in? I need to buy another and I liked that one better than the one I have at home.

    1. I would look on They have a pretty good variety.

      1. Yeah, I did — but you can’t tell them apart from each other online. I liked the extra firmness of the ones Bill brought.

      2. Bill emailed me a link to the foam roller we used:

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