17 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Animals!

  1. What, nobody showed up today?!

    Walden gym meathead session:

    Bench up to 265
    Skwat up to 275

    Man it’s hot in there!

    1. your bench is almost equal to your squat?!?! That’s crazy talk!

      1. Yes, my arms are massively more over developed than my legs.

      2. T-Rex baby!

      3. haha it’s T-Rex TUESDAY not Thursday!

      4. You just LOOOOVE pointing out underdeveloped legs don’t you?!?! Kiiiiidding…BARBELL CLASS ON MONDAY!!!

      5. I’ll just go ahead and point out that my bench is pretty much half my squat, dudes. It’s super UNDER developed. That or my form is awful (or both?). I want T-Rex arms!

  2. 19:03 rx

  3. 17:37 (32# sandbag)

  4. Incline bench press (first time in 3 years) 5×5 – 133, 138, 143, 148, 153

    Row 2K not for time

  5. 14:20Rx with 53#

  6. WOD- 22:15? w/ 34#

  7. 17:26 with 52#
    *Double-unders got me again, but a HUUUUGE thank you to Lex and Martha for slowing me down and helping me get them after the workout!

    1. Woo! You know what you gotta do next then…. http://crossfitcharlottesville.com/2010/01/22/friday-workout-rhiannon/

      (Except not really. At least I wouldn’t recommend it quite yet. That workout [which I did like 2 weeks after finally being able to string DUs together] is responsible for my one and only exertion headache.)

    2. You were almost there already anyway! Great job!

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