23 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Rare Beef a King Fit WOD#1

  1. Hey guys don’t forget that next week along with the new schedule change we’re also starting the BARBELL CLUB!!! Mon/Wed 7pm, and Sat/Sun at noon. If you can only make it one of those days, still stop by! If you can make it all — great!!! Olympic lifting, power lifting… anything with a barbell. Either use it to supplement your CrossFit awesomeness, or just come in to get STRONK. Whatever your barbell goals, we’ll do our best to meet them.

    So stop on in Monday night at 7 and be prepared to lift!!!

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me: elizabeth@crossfitcharlottesville.com

    1. does it start this sunday the 11th?

      1. make that 12th

      2. First class is Monday the 13th, so first Sunday class will be on the 19th!

  2. BS: 132#
    WOD: 25:20 (bj 24×1,18×3/ FC 45×1, 35×3)
    My forearms are wasted

  3. BS: 195#
    WOD: 20:42. Scaled pullups to 5 strict full ROM, and 45# farmers carry.

  4. What is the deal with this WOD’s name? Are we supposed to be meat-tenderized by it or something?

    1. it’s the first workout in the event this weekend in Fredericksburg

    2. also say it really fast

  5. 2-2-2-1

    21:40 RX’d – traps and shoulders still very unhappy from the walks!

    Good luck tomorrow Kyle!

  6. A2A BS 275 x 1
    17:25 Rx

  7. Squats: 215
    WOD: 17:00 short course rx (back of parking lot)

  8. Squats: 205, 225×1
    WOD: 20:25 burpees, box jumps, pull-ups rx’d. FC – 1@45, 3@40

  9. 18:24 45 lb FC. Short course to back of parking lot as well. Also, forgot to do hands off ground for the third round. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t feel from my hands all the way to my elbows.

  10. BS @143, 155×1 woo! Breakthrough!
    WOD: 21:10 (13 min of which were spent in farmers carry) rx round 1 then scaled to 26#; if I hadn’t, I’d probably still be going…

  11. 22:01 rx around the building.

  12. Squats: 159
    WOD- 20:50 RX

  13. Squat: 155#
    WOD: 26:00 (45/35#, 24″ box jump, ring rows)
    Think I only did three rounds, though. Oops.

  14. Squat: 215#
    WOD: 20:15 @45# farmers carry

  15. no squats
    WOD: 20:56 (ring rows, other stuff rx)

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