Monday Workout: Diane

Please note the following schedule changes effective this week:

  • We now have a 4:45PM CrossFit class Monday through Friday.

  • Our barbell club class is now offered Monday at 7PM, Wednesday at 7PM, Saturday at Noon and Sunday at Noon.

  • On Ramp and Free Intro Classes are now Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15PM and Saturdays at Noon.



Spend 10 Minutes Working on Heavy Clean and Jerks



  • Deadlifts (225# / 135#)
  • Handstand Pushups

Compare to 8/4/2011.


29 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Diane

  1. on saturday.. clean and jerk 225#

    2:11 rx

  2. last week worked up to 80kg C&J, kept failing the 85kg clean 🙁

    1. Diane: 6:18 @155#, first 31 hspus rx, last 14 with 1 abmat

  3. Oh and please come to barbell club tonight if you have any interest!! I promise good times, as always.

    ..and isn’t the Diane rx weight for women 155#…?

  4. Beach WOD: 3 rds of 50 Double Unders and 75 Air Squats
    Lex: 7:59
    Joe: 8:14

  5. Since I’m from the mean streets of Orange, Virginia I thought it would be appropriate to attend Crossfit Mean Streets in downtown Los Angeles while I’m out here. Cool gym. Nice folks.

    Ran to the gym and back, approximate round trip of two miles



    10 Rounds
    5 Burpees
    100 Yard Sprint
    5 Burpees
    Rest 30 seconds

    Post WOD:

    Not for time:

    3 Rounds:

    10 kettlebell swings 62 lbs
    10 Strict pullups

    13:24 on the WOD which was good for 2nd in the class so I tried to represent.

    1. Up East Coast baby!

  6. C&J: 145, or was it 155.
    WOD: 4:45 with 185#DL and box HSPUs. Shoulda gone a good bit heavier on the DL, maybe RX’ed it even.

    1. Whoa, totally cool! I thought I was well under my PR on this, but back home I checked my records and my PR was that I failed pretty bad on 145# before on the C&J. Progress!

  7. C&J:111# x 2, Cleaned 121# but failed on the Jerk
    WOD: 8:30 w 99# DL (way too light; # of reps intimidated me). HSPUs scaled to 15,12,9 (first 10 of 15 w 2 abmats, all remaining w 3) It may not look like it, but I am getting better.

  8. 3:37 rx

  9. C&J: 133
    WOD: 7:11 (133#, 1 abmat)

  10. C&J 189
    WOD: 6:27rx

  11. Did doubles on the C&J up to the last one, so:

    I remembered how to squat clean all of a sudden, so these actually looked and felt really good! So much easier than front curling the damn thing!

    95# squat clean
    deadhang pull ups
    HOG push ups


    This gym up the road from the hotel I’m stuck in all week is pretty sweet. There’s a meathead room in the back with chains, iron, a lifting platform with Rogue plates, and you can make all the noise you want, and drop bars!

    1. And no Diane as I tweaked my back 2 weeks ago and am taking it easy on the deads to heal up for Superfit next week – Team Honey Walden is going to DESTROMINATE!

  12. Or maybe Team Walden Badger….

  13. Clean and Jerk: 152#
    WOD: 15,10,5 @137# DL (first dead lift this summer)

  14. Clean & Jerk: 89#, PR
    WOD: 4:58 – 79# DL (yes, too light – the 21 scared me) and 10, 5, 3 wall walks

  15. C&J: 95 KG

    Scaled HSPU reps to 15-10-5
    Accidentally scaled up the DLs to 110 KG

  16. C&J: 95 KG
    WOD: 10:08
    Scaled HSPUs to 15-10-5
    Accidentally scaled up DLs to 110 KG

  17. C&J: 121#
    WOD: 5:26, 121# DL, box HSPU

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

    1. my pleasure 🙂

  18. C&J: 187# – PR
    WOD: 7:00 @ 187#, Box HSPU

    Barbell club: worked up to 60kg full snatch, missed twice on 70kg 🙁

  19. Barbell club: worked up to 155# snatch

  20. WOD: 7:59 w/ 1 ab-mat

    Clean & Jerk up to 189#

    Barbell Club: worked up to a 133# snatch. Technique failed big on the 155# attempt. Tried 45# plank hold for 1 minute—shook me like a leaf on a tree.

  21. C&J:205#
    Last 15 hspu were one at a time.

  22. C&J: 80/82 #
    WOD: 4:15 (3 abmat hspu, DL@107#… weak link = grip)

    Probably could have scaled this differently.

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