21 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Hehe Light

  1. Call this the Nifty 150’s

  2. Thank you for eliminating those goblet squats! Kids, this is a long one. Hydrate!

    1. I remember this wod – pretty sure Gretchen and I laid in a sweat puddle for about an hour afterwards while Hargis did this by himself. This (the old version) is definitely worse than angie or murph. GL!

  3. This sounds utterly miserable. I’m recalling how much I hate Karen (150 Wall Balls for time) and this workout is Karen’s big, hairy, ugly sister.

  4. 17:54 (14# WB, 35# KB, KPU). Scaled to 15 reps.

  5. 29:29 rx. this sucked.

  6. 13:38 (10#WB, 35#KB, regulation PUs no HOG) Scaled to 20
    * Glad I didn’t read these posts before I went in, I’d probably still be in bed! I should have tried a heavier WB but I didn’t drop any and that’s a first.

  7. 14:45 – 15 reps, DB thrusters (15#/hand), 45# russians, knee-PUs

  8. I’ve never been happier that my rest day falls on a particular workout…150 wallballs and kb swings after the last three days would make my legs fall completely off

    1. Yeah, makes being stuck in Chicago due to American Airlines buffoonery almost worth it.

      1. Dude, that weather look brutal! Good luck getting home!

      2. Weather was fine when i got there. Epic ineptitude by American Airlines kept me in Chicago 6 extra unnecessary hours.

  9. That was fun….
    22:44 (scaled reps 30-30-15, 8#WB, 25#KB, knee PU)

  10. Went in to Rogue Fitness Columbus, and was trained by Graham Holmburg, yes, that one.

    Wasn’t as exciting as I hoped for actually, but whatever.

    Front squat, 3-3-3-3-3 with 3 minutes between sets

    Then this: http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/workouts/107461-multi-stage-fitness-test-beep-test

    Got to stage 8.1, which works out to about 80 20m sprints in I have no idea how long.

    Checkride tomorrow, let’s play “Do you keep your job?!”

    1. Real men go barrel rolls during check rides

  11. 37:09 rx’d. Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

  12. Rhiannon: 506 du’s
    wod: 18:00 (5 rds, 20 reps Rx)

  13. hehe no.
    22:18 (5 rds, 20 reps @rx weights)

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