19 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Farmer Carry Fun

  1. 22:30 (FC 40/35, Thrusters 67#, Pull ups RB)

    1. Nice Al, this must have been brutal!

  2. Some modifications for hotel gym….

    400m FC on treadmill w/2 50# DB to start,

    2×50# DB squat clean thrusters – these were really not fun
    pullups on the crossbar of the treadmill with my legs tucked under me – good thing I’m small!
    RX’d pushups at least!

    50 walking lunges w/2 50# DB to finish – treadmill was way too sketchy!


  3. 29:39 rx

  4. 26:51 @ 45#FC, 89#SCT

  5. 31:11 (67# SCT, purple band PUs)
    Maaaaaybe could’ve scaled that one back a bit.

    Also, buying (and having to lug) a giant jug of water at the grocery store right after was probably not the best idea…

    1. Pure genius with that water jug. The only thing smarter would have been a Persian Club Challenge vs. The Iron Sheik.


  6. 20:00
    all rx except SCT @ 59#

  7. Modified this one for the home gym.
    4 rds of 7 SCT@ 115, 10 Strict Pull-ups, 15 Pushups

  8. 25:22. 67#sct, blue band p-u, 25# farmers carry

  9. 30:52 (35#FC, 67#SCT, kipping pu attempts)

  10. Saturday make up…
    22:23 (SCT: 57 FC: 20/25 PU: ppl bd PU: knee)

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