Tuesday Workout: Press 1RM and Row / Box Jump


Foam Roll or Lacrosse Ball your upper body for 5 minutes.


Work up to a 1RM Shoulder Press in a few sets, rest 3 mins, then press 90% of that as many reps as possible.

Compare to 7/1/12.


3 rounds for time:


  • We will wrap up an intensification phase this week by testing some 1RM’s, then begin an accumulation phase next week.

30 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Press 1RM and Row / Box Jump

  1. And please record your scores on the website!!! This will be most useful to figuring out what to lift in the coming weeks (and to keep track of personal progress)!

  2. Shoulder Press: 1rm 185#, 90% 2 reps (forgot that I was supposed to wait three minutes. I doubt it would have made a big difference, so no worries)

    7:21rx – lately I’ve been really focused on being more efficient at the row and it’s paying off. I averaged 1:50/500m and felt like I had more in the tank. 2-3 months ago that would have wrecked me. If you don’t already, consider subscribing to Crossfit Journal! There are all kinds of really useful videos and articles.

  3. I think it will be interesting to see if the girls end up having higher rep counts at “90%” than the guys… http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/08/peculiarities-of-female-training/

  4. SP: 1rm 104#, 6 reps @ 89# (only 85.5%, sorry)
    WOD: 8:33 rx

  5. SP: 1 rm 109#, 5 reps @ 99
    Wod: 8:51 (20″box, landing in squat only)

  6. After lifting…

    SP: 46kg x 1 (under my pr, but i went straight for 48kg after this and failed twice), then 42kg x5 (91.3%).

    Wod: 7:44 (subbed 15 ghd sus for the squat box jumps)

  7. SP: 79# (matched the new 1RM I set on Saturday), 3 reps @ 71#
    WOD: 8:20 Rx (20″ box)

    1. Also, 6AM-ers, the timer remote has been found! It was wedged above the handle hook on one of the rowers, which is a completely reasonable place for me to have left it. Yup. Thanks to Al and Alex for helping me search for it! And thanks to Clay for finding it!

    2. So if the female rx weights are typically 66-70% of the male rx weights, then I’m going to go ahead and say you basically have achieved a (female rx equivalent of a) bodyweight strict press 😛

  8. SP: 126×1, then 116×4
    WOD: 6:58 rx

  9. SP 1RM: 100# (9# PR from January)
    SP 3R AMRAP: 3 @ 89#
    WOD: 8:08 Rx

  10. Shoulder Press: 144# x 1, 133# x 4
    WOD: 7:06

  11. 133 x 1, 121 x 6

  12. 6:45 rx @ work

    1. Sat. Make-up
      SP: 70#, 5@60#

  13. SP: 107#, PR+12. Yay progress!
    SP: 4 @ 97#
    WOD: 7:45

    I’ve now been at Crossfit for a year, and what a difference it has made in nearly every aspect of my life! A big thank you to all the new friends who’ve helped me improve, and especially to the trainers. I can’t wait to see how my fitness improves in the coming year.

    1. Love this! Congrats on turning your hard effort into results Baron!

      1. Love seeing progress! Keep up the good work!

    2. It’s great having you at the gym! Always happy to see progress, and especially so when we see you enjoying it as well. Keep it up!

  14. SP 157 failed on 167. Trying to beat the pr of 162 from last week. Then 145 for a set of four.
    WOD 7:47. Badger still gnawing at my legs.

  15. SP 115#, 3 reps @ 103#

    WOD: 7:14 Rx

  16. WOD: 8:05rx (20″ box)
    SP: 94, then 2 @89#

  17. Snatch: 3×2 (50#) – first time using straps, fun!!
    BS: 5×3 (123#)
    Clean Deadlift: 3×5 (123#)
    Push Press: 5×5 (60#)

  18. 170# then 5 at 153#

  19. SP: 67
    SP: 3 @ 67 #
    WOD: 8:36

  20. SP: 165
    SP: 3@ 148
    WOD: 8:08

  21. SP: 72#, 65# x 5
    WOD: 7:34 Rx’d (20″ box)

  22. SP: 57#, 55#x3
    WOD: 8:21

  23. SP- 80# pr, 4 @ 70#

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