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  1. Aww come on. It’ll be fun. That’s what the guy doing bunny ears in the photo thinks, anyway. See you at noon?

    1. *Sadly* I’ll be just finishing up a conference in Williamsburg at noon (oooh darn) and won’t be able to make it for this. Although if I did, I would opt to make this a partner workout, because that actually could be fun 😀

  2. Well I’ve checked out these posts for a while but never left one… Here goes.

    800m Run
    Handstand Push ups on box with handles
    deadlift at 133#
    Knees to chest
    Wall ball 12#
    DB Snatch 20#
    26:00 even

    On a personal note, I’ve had a loop in my neighborhood that I’ve run for the last year (timed.) I haven’t run it since getting out of On-ramp in August, and ran it this week- its about 1.75 miles, and I shaved A FULL MINUTE off my time. thank you Crossfit!

    1. Nice job Mike. I wish I could have been there this AM. Welcome to the world of posting, you should find it real helpful. And OH YEAH, a lot of us have Crossfit to thank for a lot of things. OH YEAH!

    2. Good work! Like Al said, you’re not alone! My 2-mile time came from a 7:40 pace to under 6:00 thanks to Crossfit — all while NOT RUNNING AT ALL. I haven’t even tried running in many months, but I know I’m faster than last time I timed myself!

  3. Yay Mike!
    21:14: Box HSPU, 110#DL, 20 knee to chest and 40 sit-ups (hands hurting!!), 10#WB, 15#SL

  4. 30:46- DL fell apart. Started w/5 @ 275, then did 10@247 and 20@225. The rest was rx. The only thing missing from this workout was a skydive.

    Nice work Mike! Congrats on the improvement. Keep it up!

    1. Walden’s will take care of that for you!

      This looks terrible in every way, thanks for making everyone do a Birthday WOD Chris!

      I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes this afternoon – with HD picture and video to follow!

      To infinity, and beyond!

  5. 22:43. Box HSPU, 185# DL, mix T2B and tucks, Rx wallball, 20# dumbbell.

  6. 23:53 15 HSPU,15 boxHSPU, DL-121#, T2B rx, 12#wb, 20#DB

  7. Walden Birthday X-treme WOD. Skydive from 13,500 feet. Then for time: 38 pullups. 400 m run. 9 deadlifts at 255 lbs. 14 clean and jerk at 145 lbs. 74 hang snatch at 45 lbs. 97 pushups. 16:09. This was one of the coolest and most memorable jumps of my career. Fantastic time even though it hurt…a lot. Happy birthday Eric!

    1. I finished in 18:28 with 275 DLs and 155 C&J.

      The jump was perfection! You all need to get up to Orange and fly with Kevin!


      1. Good times!

  8. 24:15

    111# deadlift
    HSPU w/ 1 abmat using 15 kg plates (for 22 of them)
    30# snatch/lunge

  9. 23:00
    Pushups, 135# DL, rest rx

  10. 16:47 Rx
    Nice jump kevin and eric! And alex too!

    1. did you.. skip a movement…? Cuz… dang, son.

      1. He’s not like the rest of us

  11. 24:25 (1 abmat, 133# DL – rest rx)

  12. 25:20 (1 abmat HSPU, 185# DL, knees to chest, 14# WB, 30# DB snatch)

  13. For whatever reason, this workout made me really sore all over the next couple days, even though I thought I was taking it really easy and giving my shoulder lots of breaks. I don’t remember being this sore for a long time. Maybe we should rename it “Lactic Acid Bath.”

  14. 23.05 – box hspu, 135# DL, k2c (started t2b & degenerated throughout), 14# wb, 25# snatch

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