Wednesday Workout: Chin-ups, Pistols, Burpees, and Bear Crawls



Spend 15 minutes progressing through the following (strict) chin-up variations in sets of 5:

  • Ring Row –> Chin-up –> Chest-to-Bar –> Muscle-up –> One-Arm Chin-up Negative


3 rounds:

  • Pistol x 20-16-12
  • Burpee x 20-16-12
  • Bear Crawl the length of the mat and back


  • Use a pole or band to assist the pistols, and keep your limbs straight on the bear crawls.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Chin-ups, Pistols, Burpees, and Bear Crawls

  1. RR, CU, C2B (needed to kip), MU (jumping), One-Arm negs (had to hold onto my wrist to perform the neg)
    WOD: 9:05 (pistols-used pole/ring for support)

  2. RR, 3 sets CU, MU using feet
    WOD: 10:26 with pole for pistols
    Those bear crawls were agony!

  3. 200m row
    10 Thrusters @ 95
    15 pullups
    20 burpees
    15 pus
    10 thrusters
    200 m row

  4. At home again today, got another cord of wood laid up, going to be a warm winter for sure now! From where I dropped the tree in the woods behind the house, it was about a 200m slightly uphill wheelbarrow push to where I stacked it. Each of 5 loads was about 400#, felt like a monster prowler push every time!

    Front squat

    Odd pull up ladder on the minute, with 21# vest, deadhangs
    1-3-5-7-9-11-13 +13 = 62 total in 8 minutes

  5. worked up to one-arm chin “downs”
    did the WOD in Meade Park, slightly modified in about 10 mins:
    pistols 20-16-12-8-4
    bear crawl backwards uphill
    crab walk backwards downhill

  6. Worked up to jumping muscle ups (rings at forehead) and purple band bar muscle ups
    WOD: 8:40 with box pistols (and hip cramps :()

  7. WOD: 10:50 with pole for pistols

  8. up to C2B-
    WOD- 7:28 rx (some pistols were high)

  9. Barbell Club
    PR @ 95# muscle clean
    Muscle shrugs @ 107
    hang pulls @ 79
    100 hollow rocks

    1. errr you mean hovering hang cleans @107 and bent over rows @79!

      Nice PR!

      1. correction: hovering clean pulls*

      2. ya, that!

  10. Can’t quite yet control a one arm drop.

    Wod: 5:30

  11. all kinds of pus and mus
    7:12 rx

  12. some strict C2B in sets of 3
    WOD: 5:58 (35#KBs front rack carries for bear crawls)

  13. 4 sets of RR, 3 sets of ascending-difficulty PU using bands
    WOD:10:20 (pole-assist pistols)

  14. 5 sets of 3 CTB chin ups
    7:29 Rx

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