25 thoughts on “Monday Workout: “Coach” Memorial WOD

    1. Yeah, I’d say wild. Based on that story, I think I’d rather give my 32:30 to “Murph” or ” Badger”. What more do we know about this guy?

  1. Man-maker 15#
    Wall Ball 12#
    Push ups with handles on knees
    KB @ 25#
    Sit ups with Abmat and anchored feet
    12″ box jumps
    200 single unders

    Love those man-makers!

  2. oh, yeah, 32:48 (I’m not still doing it…)

  3. 27:21
    Manmakers: 15#
    WB: 10#
    Push-ups: 5 explosive, then regular
    KB: Rx
    Sit-ups: Rx
    Box jumps: Rx
    200 su

    Incidentally, those man-makers work. I am now a man. 🙂

    1. Nice job on the Man Makers. Hopefully it will work for me.

  4. 90 box jumps as the 6th movement in that WOD? Can we substitute 30 kicks to the groin?

    1. Agreed. Can we do this in rounds??

    2. Yeah Karl, that made me laugh big time.

  5. 32:30
    Man makers: 20#
    Wall Balls: 10@16#, 20@14#
    Push ups: rx
    KB: 35#
    Sit ups: rx
    Box Jumps: rx
    20dbl unders: 160 singles

    *Part of the problem with this WOD is simply keeping count. It was a good one. Awesome crowd this AM.

  6. 26:38. rx except DB’s were racked on MM lunges

  7. 27:55 RX except for racked/hanging DBs on the lunges and 300 single unders. As a disclaimer, I had a hard time remembering the man maker sequence so I screwed that up some. Couple that 28 count movement that I couldnt remember with burpees and pain and I also lost complete track of my reps. My brain is an Atari 2600 in a PS3 world so I calculate that I did anywhere from about 13-17 man makers.

  8. 27:20
    MM’s- 20#
    Wall Ball- rx
    Pushups- reg.
    KB- rx
    Situps- rx
    Box Jp- 18″
    Du’s – rx

  9. 30:41
    RX except for 15# Man Makers, Knee Push Ups

  10. @work

    25 strict toes to bar
    10->1 deadlift @ 225
    1->10 HSPU w/ 5″ neg up to rd of 8
    25 strict T2B


  11. 29:29 RX. Muck Fanmakers.

    1. Double hilarity from Karl today. Thanks

  12. 27:40 rx except normal push ups

  13. 23:10 rx RIP Atom.

  14. alone at the gym 🙁
    24:32, but I accidentally did abbreviated man makers (at 15#) and also couldn’t do the burpees on the minute so I had to settle for doing 25 at the end. Other scaling bits: 10# wall ball and regular pushups.

  15. 30:00
    MM’s – 25#
    Wall Ball – 14#
    Pushups – Rx
    KB – 35#
    Situps – Rx
    Box Jump – 20″
    200 Single unders

  16. 28:58
    mms 15#
    wb 10#
    Push-ups regular & very non explosive
    kb 35#
    Sit-ups 50 on ghb
    box j 18 inch
    200 single unders

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