Sunday Recipe: Quick and Easy Paleo Breakfast

This week’s recipe is a quick and easy Paleo breakfast from Joe!

Making a healthy breakfast during the work week can be a bit of a hassel, so we try to make sure everything is ready ahead of time to make things go smoother. Before we started CrossFit a typical breakfast was something straight from the bread/bakery/grain section of the grocery, but now we omit those entirely in favor of carbs from vegetables and fruits served up with protein-rich accompaniments.

This is really only a template for how we typically put our breakfasts together; feel free to make additions, substitutions, and edits to make it your own! You will notice that I do not include any portion sizes as this should be to tailored to your individual needs. We are both fairly light eaters, so 1-1.5 eggs, 4 oz of sausage, and about 1/3 a sweet potato apiece works for both of us. I usually add milk and nuts to my morning for some extra calories, along with a mid morning snack of fruit and almond butter.

Simple Sweet Potato Hash

2-4 Sweet Potatoes, Peeled
1 Medium Yellow Onion
Coconut Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Super Simple Sausage Patties
Your favorite bulk sausage (we love Lamb Sausage from the Organic Butcher)

Ahead of time (usually Sunday morning):
Use a julianne peeler to shred the sweet potato into nice thin strips (should resemble “shredded” hash browns). Cut shreds to desired length, approximately 2-3″ pieces. Cut the onion into thin strips and add to the sweet potato shreds. This can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week in a sealed container.

Press sausage into 2.5 oz patties (approximately one golf ball of bulk sausage, though a food scale is preferred to eyeballing it). These can be storred in a resealable container, with layers separated by parchment paper.

Monday Through Friday Morning:
Add approximately 2 T of coconut oil to a skillet on Medium-High heat. Add about 1 handfull of sweet potato/onion mix per person and cook to desired crispiness. Be careful as the sugar content of the sweet potato can cause it to scorch easily, so don’t forget to stir and add more oil as needed.

In a separate pan fry the sausage patties until cooked through (approximately 2-3 min/side). The patties should have enough fat to not require adding oil to the pan, but if they seem to be sticking/burning you can add about a tsp of oil per patty.

After the patties are done, add about 1 T of coconut oil to the pan and prepare some eggs! I like fried myself, but Lex prefers scrambled.

Serve this up with some black coffee straight from the French press and enjoy!

Greek yogurt with some cinnamon and nuts (usually almond slivers or pecan pieces) is great for mornings when we’re in a rush and need some protein on the go. Also, since I haven’t been eating eggs it’s been a great substitute source of protein for breakfast. We of course also will eat bacon in lieu of sausage patties, in which case I again tend to purchase from the Organic Butcher. Usually I make 2 strips per person, using a broiler pan in my toaster over (grease drips off, bacon stays flat), about 10-15 minutes at 425 degrees F.

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  1. Those sound awesome. I’m excited to try. Always looking for better breakfast options!!!

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