Friday Workout: Snatch-grip Deadlifts and Tailpipe Plus


Snatch-grip Deadlift @ 31X0; 5 sets of 5; rest 2 min btwn sets


In teams of 2, complete 3 rounds (each person rows 750 m total):

  • Partner 1 Row 250 m
  • Partner 2 Hold two KB (53/35#) in front rack position and walk the length of the mat


  • Penalty for dropping KB is 5 burpees (each occurrence) at the end of the last round.
  • Today wraps up our accumulation phase, so recover well this weekend and be ready to go heavy next week.

7 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Snatch-grip Deadlifts and Tailpipe Plus

  1. Snatch-grip Deadlift: 135#
    WOD: 8:56 35# kb (with partner Trina)

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    1. Thanks for the head’s up Karl!

      Snatch-grip Deadlifts: 178#

  3. Snatch grip dead lift: 133lb
    WOD: 8:15, KB25lb, with partner Carol Ann

  4. Snatch grip DL: up to 121# (last two)
    WOD: Didn’t look, but I think we were a minute behind Al and Trina, so about 9:30 to 10 minutes. With Theresa and Maurie. 25#x1, 20#x2

  5. SGDL: up to 155
    WOD: umm, I think it was 8.34, but it could’ve been 8.45, not sure. Used 25#kbs, that much I’m sure of.

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