C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 9/29


  • Max Snatch
  • Max Clean and Jerk

For those who have been investing diligently for the past 8 weeks, it’s time to cash in and establish some benchmark maxes.  For those who are still relatively new to the Olympic lifts, we will work up to a heavy double on both lifts.  If you miss today, don’t worry — we will give you the opportunity to max on Sunday.

11 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 9/29

  1. Holy cow he makes that look light. Even on the heaviest weights he stands right up once he gets under it, like it’s nothing.

    1. True story Baron. Perfect lifts are easy. Not only does he perform a perfect pull every time (with the exception of his first attempt at 190), his timing out of the hole is also perfect, making for an effortless squat.

  2. I did a lot of “perfect” front curls today. At any rate Heavy Dub Snatch up to 125 lbs and Heavy Dub Clean and Jerk up to 165 lbs. Thanks for the video review Jon. That kind of feeback and evaluation is invaluable.

  3. Snatch- 72# …down from 75# ( I forgive myself temporarily)
    C&J- 87#

  4. Snatch: Worked up to 119#, but that was ugly. 109# felt OK.
    C+J: 129#

    1. I’m just going to go ahead an point out that Bolko just PR’d his snatch by about 30# and his C&J by 15#. Yeah, that’s right. That happened.

  5. Snatch – 60K (PR!), CJ – 80K (attempted 85 but Elliot was talking when I pulled and all went to…otherwise a good day with CBBC)

  6. Snatch 1RM: 65kg, PR

    C&J 1RM: 90kg, PR

    Thanks to Jon and Elizabeth for all of their patient and thoughtful coaching over the last couple of months!

    1. I cannot express enough the following: it is absolutely our pleasure!

      We’re both super proud of the immense progress you all have made in the past couple months, and we’re excited to watch you all put bigger and bigger numbers overhead with exceptional form. Keep up the hard work, everyone, and celebrate these PRs. Well-earned!

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