Monday Workout: Heavy Squat Intervals

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Skill Work

  • Spend 5 mins on running drills: high knees, butt-kickers, carioca, speed-ups, etc.

Strength WOD

6 sets:

  • Back Squat @ 20X0 x 3 reps
  • Chest-to-Bar Chin-up x 8 reps
  • Sprint uphill to telephone pole

Rest 3-4 minutes between sets.


  • Accumulate 5 mins in a plank hold; be creative with variations.


  • We are starting an intensification phase today: lower reps, higher sets, heavier weights, and longer rests.
  • Go heavy on the squats, and try a low-bar position if you feel comfortable.

27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Heavy Squat Intervals

  1. BS @ 120# (only did 2/set until round six for some reason)
    Chin over bar pull-ups good and unbroken
    Uphill “Sprint” done as fast as these old legs could take me. Tweaked something in my lower hamstring/upper calf in the process. (Must keep an eye on this)

    1. Hey Al, sorry to hear about the hamstring. I would spend extra time doing lower-body warm-ups for at least a week, up the fish oil, and ice as needed. Good luck!

  2. squats up to 255#, sprints at 20-22 sec

  3. 225 # squats. Half assed sprints to the back of the parking lot. Last time I sprinted hard, I blew up my hamstring. Just ran at 75%.

  4. 225. alrighty. I so love squat day.

  5. 60 KG squat, chin-ups to chin or close to it, rounds 1-3 (sprinted uphill), 4-6 sprinted to end of parking lot and back. Sprinted to wrong telephone pole on round 1–oops.

  6. Noon class– way to rock the strict chin-ups!!! Hard work, everyone, well done! Those planks were picture perfect.

  7. 115#, rx C2B
    plank worked my shoulders in a new way….! yoW!

  8. 167×3, 179×3

  9. 155#, only time for 4 rounds

  10. 145# around 25 mins

    What do you all put on sweet potatoes to make them taste good?

      1. how do you make it?

      2. with the tears of your enemies

    1. I’d put on some coconut milk and mix it with the love that Elizabeth is referring to.

    2. Here’s a really good recipe:
      (pro tip: all of Nick Massie’s recipes look BOMB)

      If you wanna keep it simple: take your whole sweet potatoes, chop off the ends, wrap them in tinfoil and pop them in the oven at 375 for about 45-60mins, or until they feel squishy. The sugars will have caramelized and they’ll smell like heaven. Let them cool and add butter & cinnamon!

  11. 135# on the squats, rr’s with feet on a box. There was basically nothing about this that wasn’t ugly.

  12. squats: 205# – 235#
    subbed c2r rrs with feet on a box and a 150m row for the other stuff — and yes, Ope, I kept my splits under 1:40/500m so I don’t owe you a mile run

  13. BS: 133#
    CU: 3 rds strict C2B, 3 rds purple band C2B

    1. Whoops, make that 135#. I’m not used to using the pound plates. 🙂

  14. 269# and strict C2B several hand variations.

  15. 95# squats, blue band pullups, pretty darn awesome uphill sprints, if I do say so myself. Follow the strobe!
    I got about 4 min and 20 sec of plank holds before the clock got reset. Oh well.

  16. Make up 10/20/12: 165# squats, kipping c2b

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