23 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Handstands, Running, and Rowing

  1. WOD: Run + 1318m row. I was happy my mile time was around 7:30 (maybe 7:40)– much better than it used to be, but want to get it under 7. Also, malfunctioning music system made row all the more brutal– no distraction from the pain.

    1. Awesome work this morning 6am class! Entirely possible that the lack of music was a trainer fail. Way to fight through the silence and deliver strong rows!

      1. If that is indeed the case, then I believe a fitting punishment would be Bjork or Yanni playing during your next three workouts. 🙂

  2. RUN- 7:10
    ROW- 6:39

    1. at home hills

  3. 12:21 – bout a minute and a half faster than last year

  4. WOD: 13:12.

  5. 14:21 (2 seconds faster, i’ll take it)

  6. 13:45 (28 sec faster)

  7. 14:44

  8. 13:24, a minute faster than last time! 🙂

  9. Nice work! You definitely smoked me despite claims of hamstring tightness 😛

    1. That was meant as a reply to Lauren… I remain true to my internet form

  10. hit a 50-sec freestanding handstand PR, getting ever so close to the full minute…

  11. 13:18, with a 6:34 mile….felt like I should’ve gone harder on the row and broken 13…

  12. 14:57 (7:30 run, 7:27 row)

    4 sec slower than last time, but I haven’t rowed or run that much in….. 6 months? My tiny legs will take it. 🙂

  13. 13:17 (6:55 mile)

  14. WOD: row 1500 one-footed; then cycle 20 sit-ups (ab mat) and 10 pushups for remainder of 15 min
    4 rounds + 20 situps

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