C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 10/8


Many of you still have issues with internal rotation of the shoulders while overhead.  The clip above is of K-Star expounding the virtues of external rotation and clarifying the reasons for compensatory internal rotation.

  • work up quickly to heavy single power snatch
  • hang snatch high pull 5×5 (at heavy power snatch weight)
  • FS 5×5 (light, concentrate on fast turnaround out of the bottom)
  • throwing the weight for height (heaviest sandbag possible)

This week marks the beginning of a new cycle.  Expect lots of heavy pulling, along with some hypertrophy work on squats.

4 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 10/8

  1. power snatch up to 65 kg (need to stay over the bar to use more hamstrings)
    hang snatch high pull at 60 kg
    front squats: 80-90 kg
    threw heavy bags

  2. power snatch-up 50 kg
    hang snatch high pull-50 kg
    front squat: 40 kg

  3. Took a rest day yesterday, since I tend to do a lot on Sat/Sun
    PS: up to 80#
    Hang snatch high pull: 72-76-76-80-80# (this felt hard at first)
    FS: 89-110#, wasn’t sure how light to go
    I did not have anything to throw 🙂

  4. 8# dumbbell curls YEAH
    power snatch – 45#
    hang snatch high pull – 45#
    front squat – 45# and then worked on form w/Forney and did a couple back squats. We had a “come to Jesus moment.” I’ve seen the light, and Forney is my prophet.

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