5 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 10/7

  1. PC + 2FS: up to 76kg (PC PR?… tried 81kg annnd yeah no not for power)

    SJ: up to 80kg. Tried 85kg twice and just could not commit to the split (3kg under all-time best)

  2. PC + 2 FS: 125#
    Jerk: worked on form
    I googled “band bridge exercise” and got this:

    Is that what you meant? I thought perhaps not. “Triceps pulldown” was more self-explanatory 🙂

    5 sets of 30 abmat situps

    1. hahaha “no” on the bridges. Think more pelvic thrusts…. I suppose hip extensions on a GHD would suffice 😛

  3. PC+2FS: 139#
    –Front squat seems to be holding me back a bit.
    Jerk: 55 kg

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