23 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Climb, Clean, and Push

  1. Rope climbs: Rx
    WOD: 11:14, 67# squat cleans, Rx push-ups

  2. Made do at home – six rope pulls with jerry rigged rope on bannister
    WOD: 5 rounds 10 box steps with sandbag, 10 regular push-ups : 4:04 (used one Becca for my sandbag, i.e., 40 pounds)

    1. awesome — who needs equipment when you have children?

      1. It works quite well when they are willing! Becca did briefly run down the hallway during one set of push-ups, but thankfully she came back before the next round. It’s a little challenging when your sandbag bag runs giggling away…

  3. 10:34 – 4 rounds@135

  4. RC: 4 rds of x2 climbs (up down up)- up w/out legs
    WOD: 11:14 @ 135

  5. RC: 5 rds of legless climbs
    WOD: 7:17 (subbed weighted box step-ups w/ 25# in each hand for SCs, 2 rds Rx clapping PUs, 3 rds knee clapping PUs)

    1. Bravo Zulu on those rope climbs!

      1. Thanks Al! Congrats on your legless climb too!

  6. 5 rds of half assed legless climbs. I get scared….
    WOD: 8:28 95# sc, Rx clapping push-up

  7. RC: 6 rds with legs.One bonus round legless.
    WOD: 10:49 (PC: Rd one @75#, rds 3-5 @65#. Clapping PUs rx)

  8. Crossfit main site wod 121008: 14:38 rx

  9. RC: rope pull attemps
    WOD: 9:19 (67# PC, knees)

  10. Practiced different rope climbs
    WOD: 8:10 @ 65# SC, clapping pushups

  11. WOD: 7:09 ( 95# SC @ 5 reps per round, 10 clapping PU)

  12. RC: did weird things on the pull-up poles since I can’t do legless rope climbs
    WOD: 6:50 (subbed 15# db 18″ box jumps for SC; CPU on knees)

  13. 8:28 squat snatches 55# and db push ups

  14. rope climbs: legless, L-sit, L-sit w/ 1-arm negatives, upside-down (ish), behind-the-head (ish)

  15. RC: did pole pull-ups and climbed the rope a couple of times, though not legless
    WOD: 8.58 (65# SC, clapping knee PU)

  16. 5:23 w/ dumbell step ups (30# each hand) and rx clapping push ups

  17. pole pull-ups
    WOD: 15 back extension and 10 clapping pushups on knees
    8:44 (I think)

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