C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 10/13


Why do you tend to internally rotate your shoulders in your overhead squat? It might be a problem with your shoulders…then again, it might not. K-Star explains everything in this video.

  • heavy single hang snatch (from mid-hang)
  • pausing snatch deadlift (at 110% of heavy snatch, pause one second at knees to work on positioning) 5×5
  • snatch drop (light/medium — no dip-drive) 5×3
  • Sott’s press 2×10 each arm (light dumbbell)

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 10/13

  1. Mid-hang snatch: 77#, not happy with this :/
    Snatch DL: 84#
    Snatch drop: 72#
    Sott’s press, oh how I hate you: 12# or it gets ugly

    Got Harbinger wrist wraps a few weeks ago and they are the greatest.

    1. that is on the heavy end of DBs for Sotts Press, so good job! And wrist wraps are life-savers for lifting 😀 Especially today’s workout!

  2. Hang snatch 70 kg
    Dl 80kg
    Snatch Drop 50kg
    Sott’s press 40# I could not find the 35s.
    Weighted plank holds 3 by 1 min.

    1. how is either 35 or 40 a ‘light DB’? explain yourself

  3. hs 145. power then squat
    dl 157
    sd 85, 107
    sp 25, 35

  4. heavy single hang snatch up to 65 kg
    pausing snatch dl at 70 kg
    snatch drop up to 50 kg
    Sot’s press up to 35# / arm x 2

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