C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 10/14

Amy et. al. demonstrates how dumbells (and pink socks) are part of every serious weightlifter’s arsenal of awesomeness
  • heavy single hang clean (from mid-hang)
  • pausing clean grip deadlift 5×5 (at 110% of hang clean, pause 1 second at knees to work on positioning)
  • back squat 5×5 (medium)
  • abs circuit: weighted plank holds (45#/25#) and barbell roll-outs

3 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 10/14

  1. Single hang clean: up to 115#
    Clean grip deadlift: 5×5 at 130#
    Back squat: 130#
    5 sets of barbell roll outs and plank holds

  2. kinda excited to get hang clean- 90#
    Clean grip deadlift- 100#

  3. Hang clean: 118#. Still need to improve front squat.
    Deadlift: 118#
    Back squat: 130#
    Plank holds (45#)/Knees to elbows

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