C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 10/15

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUEe9DhObNY&w=420&h=315%5D

Nicu Vlad is an exemplary model of consistency in technique and dedication. He approaches the bar the same exact way every time in both practice and competition. He makes a 150 snatch look like a 50 snatch because he performs the lift the exact same way every time. He is the kind of weightlifter you should find videos of, watch, watch again, watch some more, then attempt to emulate when you wrap you knuckles around the bar.

  • Burgener warm-up (always)
  • high-hang snatch 5×3 (medium/heavy)
  • bottom-up 2-position snatch DL/pull (1st pos: snatch DL to knees, 2nd pos: full snatch pull [to hips]) 5×3 (medium/heavy… but not so heavy that form is bad)
  • Good Mornings 5×5 (light)
  • abs! Accumulate 100 hollow rocks — every time you break do 5 (hand release) push-ups

A little light anecdotal reading by Matt Foreman for Catalyst Athletics. It’s about Nicu Vlad and how inspiring he really is. And a good guy. Read and be entertained.

3 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 10/15

  1. SNATCHES: Kept it super light & only power snatched today. WOD destroyed me. Worked up to 50 KG & stayed there.

    SNATCH GRIP DLs + PULLS: Stayed at 50KG for all 5 sets.

    GOOD MORNINGS: 40 KG for all sets.

    Completed 100 hollow rocks and did ring dips instead of pushups, probably a total of about 20 or 25.

  2. high-hang snatches: worked up to 60 kg x 3
    2-pos snatch dl / pull: 60 kg across all sets

  3. high-hang snatch – 35#
    2-position snatch – 35/40#
    good mornings – 55#

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