Tuesday Workout: Weighted Pull-ups, Tabata Squats, and a Mile Run

Remember, we are hosting a yoga class tonight from 7:45 – 8:30 pm. Free for members, $5 for non-members! Even 2010 CrossFit Games Champion Graham Holmberg does yoga.


Weighted Pull-up @ 20X0; 3-2-1-3-2-1; One set every 90 sec


8 rounds:

  • 20 sec Air Squats
  • 10 sec Rest in Active Bottom of Squat

Run 1 mile.

Compare to 10/3/11.


  • Wave-loading on the weighted pull-ups today. If you normally use bands, consider trying negatives today instead.
  • The rests during the squats should be held in the active bottom position, but you can scale it to passive.
  • The time for the mile run begins after the last 20 sec squat interval.

32 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Weighted Pull-ups, Tabata Squats, and a Mile Run

  1. PullUps: 40 k; Air Squats 90; Run 7:27.

  2. AWESOME work today, 6:00 am-ers! You all really challenged yourselves on the squats and hustled through that run like champs. You make this little trainer’s heart swell with pride! 🙂

  3. PU: 15-20-25, 25-30-35FAIL
    WOD: 107 squats, 7:16 run, some cheating on the squat-rests.

    I know I did this WOD last time, but I guess I didn’t comment my score. I know my squat score was 80.

    1. Baron, here’s a link to the most recent time we did this WOD. Looks like you did post then!


      1. Hey, thanks! Last time was 84 squats, with some squirming during the rests. 7:53 mile.

        It looks like we’ve had this Tabata squat thingie a lot, actually!

  4. Why is there a CrossFit Competition thingie in the sidebar for Oct 27th? Are we having a competition? The thingie isn’t linked.

    1. SuperFit Crofton. A few people from our gym are competing! If you can head up to B’more that day you should go cheer them on!

      1. Of course, I knew that. Alas, I can’t go that day, but I will catch another one.

  5. Pullups: band, negatives; 105 squats, 7:55 mile

  6. Pull-ups: a mix of body weight, skinny band (red I think?), and negatives
    WOD: 109 squats, 7:56 mile

  7. WPU: 5, 10, 15, 10, 15, 20
    WOD: 120 squats, 7:47 mile

    (10 reps more than last time and 3 seconds faster. 🙂 )

  8. Pullups up to 115#

    This was as horrible as I remembered.

    130 squats, 6:44 run

  9. From home so no pull-ups
    102 squats with the second half being a passive not active “rest” and a 7:08 mile vs 82 squats with 100% passive rest and a 7:48 mile the last time we did it.

      1. He does have a big head like me. Hopefully I have that much hair 30 years from now. I don’t know hat I would look like with a goatee because I can’t grow one. Haha!

  10. Pullups up to 95# (feelin gased from yesterday so no PB)
    115 squats, 6:47 run

    Walden: I’m gunning for you

    1. The Halo reference in your website is well taken.

      Keep working on those moves kiddo – I have a decade, at least!, on you, so no pressure!

      1. You’re getting old, it’s a lot more than a decade bro…

      2. I don’t even know who the hell that is. Don’t matter, bring it, I thrive off of challenge and confrontation!

  11. Pull ups: 50lbs. WOD; 138 Squats, 7:05 Run. Hooah.

  12. up to 45#
    125, 8:03

  13. Weighted Pullups: 53#x3, 65#x2, 70#x1, 65#x3, 70#x2, 90#x1 FAIL

    WOD: 135 Squats + 7:40 Mile

  14. PU: 30, 35, 45, 35, 45, 50
    No WOD

  15. PU: BW, 5, 8, BW, 5, 8Fail (First PU workout with no bands.)
    WOD: 90 squats, 9:30 run

  16. PU: 35, 45, 53, 45 (x2), 53, 65 (not quite chin over bar)
    WOD: 85 squats, 8:12 run

  17. PU: 20, 25, 30, 25, 30, 35
    WOD: 97 squats, 8:58 run

  18. PU: bw, purple, yellow bands, fail at 5#
    WOD: 95 squats (some non-active moments on holds) / 7:30 mile (w/ 1 shoe tie & 1 car)

  19. PU: up to 60lb
    Wod: 130, 6:39

  20. weighted pull-up: up to +90#

  21. Did the Saturday makeup of this workout.

    Weighted pull-ups: (lbs) 10, 20,25,25,35,45

    Tabata air squat: 95

    1600m row (hurt foot): 7:00

  22. pull ups – negatives and red band
    air squats – 87
    mile – 10:36

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