C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 10/21

***IMPORTANT NOTE: the 2012 Old Dominion Classic Weightlifting Meet is at CrossFit RVA (900 W. Leigh St, Richmond) on Sunday (10/21) TODAY (!!!) which you will hopefully attend to cheer on Jenni Lopez (lifting at 10am) and Billy McCarthy (lifting at noon)! Spectating is free of charge, but full of entertainment. The Billy bus is leaving from the gym at 7am if you want an early ride, but feel free to drive up separately later to come see singlets and spectacular sport. And after, we’ll eat.***

LIVE STREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/old-dominion-classic#utm_campaign=unknown&utm_source=12342899&utm_medium=social

all day every day
Good luck to Billy and Jenni, who are competing in their first Oly meet today!

Today is a recovery day. Sleep in, eat well, and listen to your body. You have the option of treating today like an open gym and lifting whatever you want, or making up a CVS class from earlier this week you missed, but we highly suggest some active recovery (unless, of course, you’re going to the meet in Richmond to just watch weightlifting).

Recovery options at the gym:

  • sled drags
  • light rowing (2k or 10 minutes at a very easy pace)
  • light airdyne (about 20 minutes at a super easy pace)
  • foam roll! (This is pretty important)
  • stretch and mobilize with straps and/or lacrosse ball

Then go sleep and eat some more. Take some fish oil. Let your body recover so you can start strong on Monday!

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