Thursday Workout: Snatch, Partner Carry, and Pull-up



Spend 10 mins working on the full Snatch. Go light and rest as needed.


With a partner, complete 4 rounds for time:

  • Partner Carry Around the Building
  • Power Snatch x 15 (135/95#)
  • Pull-up x 25

Only one person works at a time.


  • We will be doing a CrossFit Total on Friday, so please plan your rest or make-up days accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Snatch, Partner Carry, and Pull-up

  1. Full Snatch: 55lbs (sets of 3)
    WOD: 43lbs sand bag, 55lb power snatch (10 per round), ring rows (20 per round)
    21:59 with my awesome partner Marissa!

  2. Back in Teterboro, just can’t escape this place…

    Dumbbell Speed Work, this is for you Kevin!

    3 RFT
    10 one arm dumbbell snatch to lunge
    20 dumbbell swings
    30 sit ups
    40 double unders


  3. Do you carry your partner around the building, or do you and your partner carry something around the building?

  4. oooo MORE awesome lifts in that video!!! So proud over here

  5. 155# Snatch work
    17:05 Rx with Kyle

  6. Snatch: 35#
    WOD: 24:07 w/Ross, 40# snatch and blue band pull ups and HELL YEAH we carried each other.

  7. Snatch: 67# (I think, maybe 75#…)
    WOD: 22:49, Saturday make-up and no partner, so scaled to four rounds of 55# sandbag carry, 8 snatches@ 57#, 12 Blue band pu,

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