28 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Halloween Helen

  1. 13:22, scaled to 7 pu

  2. 12:09:
    20 lb KB (little too light)
    2 rounds pu (purple band, next time use blue), 1 round ring rows

  3. 10:33
    Run – 400M
    KB – RX
    PlUs – RX (first rd 21 PlUs; I wasn’t paying attention), I could’ve done a sub 10:00, and Ran faster. Cold – air – burning – lungs – can’t – brea…..

    1. Possible redo on Saturday.

  4. 13:51
    Up from 13:26 last time but I moved up from a 35# to a 53# KB and from a green band to a red band for the pull ups (In fact, the first six PUs were unbanded but I just couldn’t continue without help-thanks to Cindy. Regardless, I’m counting today as progress.)

    This was my first 8am class.Lots of new folks checkin’ things out. Nice.

  5. 9:31 rx
    damn those runs hurt.

    Hope you guys enjoy some Carpe Donuts, I left Chris in charge of handing out the remaining 11….they’re good for you, promise.

    Happy Halloween

    1. If they’re truly good for you, I’d like the recipe. Donuts and I go way back.

      1. I believe they’re Carpe Donuts. Local and organic, yes; Paleo and gluten-free… not exactly. Delicious none the less!

  6. 14:00 even

    3 rounds
    26 lb KB (would have gone higher had more 35’s been available)
    blue band on pull-ups

  7. 9:02 Rx 25 seconds off of my PR. DOMS from Cindy

    1. What is DOMS? Sorry I missed the workout but I heard you had a good time with my friend The Masked Assassin.

      1. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

      2. Thanks, The Masked Assassin told me he had that as well, his was from kicking too much ass.

  8. 10:15 with long pants, mask and furry vest. Still a PR by 22 seconds.

    1. Forney has a permanent furry vest.

  9. 12:22 (red band PUs)

    PR by 2:23 from May. Also tied my fastest Helen time from almost 2 years ago when I was doing 25# and blue band. Going to try for Rx next time.

  10. WOD: 10:18

  11. WOD: 11:44 (pr 2 mins +)

  12. 14:58 (35# kb, blue band pull ups)

  13. 12:22 (25#, RR)

    We need 30# kbs!

  14. Made this up today, went to the 440m speedbump, and it showed!

    9:12 RX

  15. 8:08
    Run – 400M
    KB – RX
    Pull Ups: scaled to ring rows

    1. 12:08 was my time, not 808

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