27 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Fran

  1. 6:59 Rx thrusters; 12, 9, 7 pu

    It’s almost three minutes faster than last time (9:52, 55#, 9, 6, 3 pu)

  2. 4:58 RX, RX

    I rested too long on the Thrusters, and I stopped once while doing Pull ups. I broke up the Thrusters in sets of 7 1rd, 5 2rd, and 3 3rd.

  3. 21-15-9
    55# thrusters
    All but 3 pull-ups were rx- I don’t know why I bothered with that little red band!

  4. 21-15-9 — 7:22
    67# thruster
    blue-band pull-ups

  5. 5:36 rx
    My left lat was all screwed up today….don’t feel very good about this time at all

  6. 7:51 rx
    First time rx !

    1. Let me be the first to officially congratulate you. Well done.

    1. 3:26 on 5-30-13

  7. 4:51 Thrusters Rx, Pullups scaled to ring rows with feet on box

  8. 21-15-9 — 8:38 (+ 2 thrusters since I did not lock out at the top “no rep”)
    67# thruster
    Ring Rows

  9. 7:56
    65# thruster (could have gone higher to 75 at least)
    Rx pull-ups
    First time Fran and didn’t know what to expect, will go harder faster next time…

  10. Level 1:
    15# dumbbells/ring rows with box (2 sets); final set from floor

  11. 15 – 12 – 9
    Blue band

  12. 21-15-9
    15lb db thrusters, ring rows (do w/band next time)

  13. 5:08 Rx (pr by 1:20.) Feeling pretty good about this Crossfit thing. That’s 7 PRs in the last 8 days. Four this week and three out of a possible four last Friday for the CF total. If you are new and wondering if the pain and suffering is worth it….it is. If you are wondering if your trainers are telling you the truth…they are. I’ve been at it for a year now and couldn’t be happier with the gains I’ve made. Big time props to the staff and other gym members who make it very productive and a blast for me to come and suffer with on a regular basis. Thanks.

    1. Amen brother. And my doctor and all his little tests and lab diagnostics and stuff agree too.

  14. Did this on Saturday. 8:50, 85#, 15-12-9, purple bands on sets 2 & 3. This is my first Fran. Next time: try to Rx the thrusters. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

  15. 7:20 Rx was hoping for a better time, need to do this again during a week without Cindy

  16. 3:23 rx (pr 20s)

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