C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/5

Thomas is dope.
  • 3 position clean (light) x3
  • 2 push press + jerk (light) x3
  • BS (medium) 3×5
  • 3 sets of: windshield wipers (to failure) and band pull-apart x10

You will be maxing your snatch and clean and jerk on Saturday or Sunday of this week.  Strength programming for Monday and Wednesday is intentionally low volume and low intensity so that you can de-load.  If you do CrossFit workouts this week, please do half as many workouts as you would normally do, or cut the volume of those workouts by about 40-50 percent.  This is absolutely necessary for your central nervous system to be adequately recovered to go for PRs this weekend.

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/5

  1. Clean 60
    Pp and jerk 60
    Squat 225#
    Wipers 12-20-14
    Pull apart half a red band.

  2. Clean: 40 kg
    PP and Jerk: 40 kg
    Back Squat: 60 kg

  3. Clean: 34 kg
    PP and Jerk: 34 kg
    Back squat: 48 kg

  4. 3 pos clean: 110#
    PP and jerk: 95#
    BS: 130#
    Windshield wipers to failure = 1

    1. nice! But.. just FYI… “light” typically means no more than 65% of your 1RM… just keep that in mind for Wednesday! De-load to max well this weekend! (we miss you)

  5. 3 pos clean: 60kg
    PP + Jerk: 50kg
    BS: 70, 80, 80 kg
    windshields on the ground and red band pull aparts

  6. clean up to 70 kg
    jerk up to 70 kg
    de-load city!

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