Rx’ed: What it is and what it isn’t

You may have noticed that we recently simplified our method for writing your scores on the whiteboard in the gym. Rather than noting every single detail of how you may have scaled your workout, we simply record the time, weight, score, or amount of rounds. We still want you to post your complete scaling on the website for your own records (you do post on the website, right?), but in the gym we’ll keep it simple.

Why no more detailed spreadsheets of scaling on the whiteboard? Well, it’s something we’ve been meaning to talk to you about for a while folks. We have a problem, an addiction really. As a gym, as a community, as people striving to improve, we are addicted to the phrase “Rx’ed.” It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, but we are addicted to writing the letters ‘R’ and ‘x’ next to our workouts in any manner we can.

To be clear, the addiction is well-intentioned. You want to improve! That’s awesome, and we are here to help you with your progress. However, please refer to Rule #1: No Egos Allowed. We have seen too many people writing “Rx’ed” next to any part of a workout, such as doing Diane with Rx’ed deadlifts but box HSPU. Or doing Fran Rx’ed with 15-12-9. Or Rx’ing Cindy for 10 minutes. Are these all great workouts? Yes! Are these excellent examples of scaling? Yes! Are these “Rx’ed”? No.

And this leads us to another, infinitely more important topic. Why do you do CrossFit? Is it to win the Games, or get signed to a professional sports team, or to win a bodybuilding contest? If so, great! Let us know, and we will help you achieve those goals. However, most of us in the gym are striving for more modest goals, such as lifting more weight, getting faster, improving technique, losing fat, gaining muscle, sleeping better, staying pain-free, etc.

So keep bringing the passion and respect to each and every workout, and continue striving to improve and achieve your goals. We are here to help, and nothing makes us happier than being a small part of your progress. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Rx’ed: What it is and what it isn’t

  1. I didn’t notice that change in the whiteboard rules until reading this, but I like the point you’re making, so I’ll be happy to simply mark a number.

    I guess in that context the Level I and Level II distinctions make more sense, telling us what is an appropriate lower an upper bound for scaling ourselves, so we don’t have to rely on looking at the board to see what everyone else was doing.

  2. I think it’s important, too,to remember that CrossFit is scalable for everyone. For the majority of people, the wods are supposed to be scaled. Let’s use a different word than scaled…. Altered, say. Altered to become the perfect wod for you as an individual athlete. “rx’d” just for you. Make sense? None of us are made the same, so it only makes sense we shouldn’t all be doing the exact same thing in the wod, except coming in, giving it your all, and cheering on the person next to you.

  3. I don’t think I’ve actually Rx’ed a workout yet. Why do I do Crossfit? So I can Rx some workouts someday..? No, actually I do it because it’s hard work and that’s got to be a good thing, I’m healthier now, and you are all a lot of fun to work out with.

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